Planning a 1st Birthday Party for Twins Birthday Party Ideas

After enjoying (or enduring) a long year of twofold diaper duty, restless nights, and numerous paediatrician visits, the most parents search for helpful tips for hosting their twins’ first birthday bash. Though twins can be a handful, they can double the fun of the party. But, some parents may be a little worried about over stimulating the little ones from the countless guests and some don’t have any idea from where to start. So, here are some of the tips that will help you to throw a perfect 1st birthday party for your twins.

Send Party Invitations

There’s no doubt, you are short for time to make hand-made invitations for your twins’ birthday party in City of London. But, you need to add a personalized touch to the cards. So, what’s your next move? The best way is to look for a vendor that can print out invitations along with your child’s picture and all the party details.

Look For a Babysitter or Two

Throwing a twin birthday party often means twice as many guests. Recruiting a babysitter or two will help you to handle your two energetic babies, while you and your partner can welcome guests and handle the other arrangements. If you have a friend who is experienced in handling babies, then you can ask her or him to favour you for the day. These helpers should be prepared to handle the diaper changes, drink refills, and other details, which will leave you with extra time for addressing to your party guests.

Choose a Birthday Theme

If the twins are boys, dress them as Mario and Luigi for a typical video game-themed party. Mario Bros. are the most popular video game characters that can add fun to your party. But, if the twins are a boy and a girl, then you can go for themes like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pirate, First Mate. Besides, it will be perfect if the twins are girls, as then you have no shortage of choices. Butterfly and Ladybug, Alice in Wonderland, and Princesses are some of the choices that you can consider for your party.

Go for Light Snacks

Depending on your budget, you can serve creative homemade snacks or you can order pizza for your party guests. Since you are planning a baby’s party, it’s more ideal to serve light meals.
Chocolate Hazelnut Bark, grilled chicken, Spanish rice, and Party Bean Dip with Baked Tortillas are just a few snacks that you can cook for your guests.

Remember! Don’t Panic

There are parents who have the urge to “hurry and hustle” programmed into them. While this attitude is perfect when you’re getting ready for your first date, but hurrying through your baby’s birthday celebration will make it seem unpleasant. Remember to take a seat and calm down throughout the birthday bash. Nobody will spot if the cake is cut at six thirty in preference to six.

Having a twin is
a total blessing, but a big challenge. And every parent must celebrate it, by planning a first birthday party for the babies. These ideas will help you to have a great time with your guests while enjoying a perfect birthday party for twins.

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