Plan your Destination Wedding in London

If you are planning a wedding in London, the venue is going to be on the riverside, right. Of course not, as the city has some of the great wedding venues that offer you a perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs. A stylishly luxurious London wedding could include all the royal colours and ceremonial tune of the city.

Historical houses, vintage churches, beautiful gardens, and luxurious ballrooms are just a few categories, where you can have a destination wedding in a British style. To add extra London style to your wedding, don’t forget to hop on a red double-decker bus or get into a telephone booth for some audacious photographs.

Historical Houses of Worship
With so many historic buildings, catholic churches, and museums in the capital, London is the perfect place to tie the knot in a vintage style. However, the sheer number of options mean finding a perfect wedding venue can be an overwhelming task.

Tower of London and Tower Bridge are perfect for couples who want to tie the knot in a vintage style, while St Martin–within–Ludgate and 78 Bishopsgate are some of the renowned churches to exchange your vows.

Luxurious Ceremony with a Unique Flair
Take your big day into a chic celebration with London’s unique and unusual venues. Grange St Paul’s Hotel, 40|30, and West End on River Thames offer unique backdrop and perfect hospitality services for your wedding to turn memorable. These lavish venues are your go-to setting for a wedding that is ultra fashionable. The elegant buzz of these venues is perfect for lovebirds determined to avoid anything that is too customary.

Beautiful Gardens
Do you love nature? If yes, then why not have a garden or woodland wedding. London is chock full of lush tropical gardens that are perfect for couples who want to have a nature wedding. Stationers Hall, The Conservatory and Garden, The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace are some of the venues that hold a secluded garden space.

And the List Goes On
The choice of venues is astonishingly broad; you can also tie the knot on a river cruise or on the venue offering amazing river views. Saying I Do with the backdrop of the river Thames has a special kind of worth for newlyweds. Although you need to splurge a little extra to book a riverside venue, however you will get what you pay for.

The list doesn’t end here. Several bars and hotels put on a great wedding party, so all you need is to make an apt decision of destination wedding. If you think that the list has missed your favourite venue, you can add it to the comments box below and we’ll include it in the article.

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