Perfect Places for 21st Birthday Party in London

It’s the birthday you have been eagerly awaiting. The big 21! This milestone birthday is all about celebrating in an unforgettable way, as you’ve become a fully-fledged member of the grown up world. Since you’re going to carry the pictures and moments from this birthday with you for the rest of your life, you should invest time to pick a location that will let you to have a good time. Fortunately, London has plenty of clubs and bars that welcome you and all your guests with open arms to have a celebration on this special day. Here are some of the great locations in London for 21st birthday party that will help you have that amazing birthday experience.

Late Night Venue in London

Late Night Hang Out

What better way to enjoy your party than walking up to the club at 12:01 and start the night with your favourite DJ’s or bands? There are number of party venues with late license in London, offering a lively background for a 21st birthday party with your closest friends. A modish interior, live music, and superb choices of cocktails are just a few things that will make your party the best fun ever. Club Ten and Dirty Martini are great clubs for those looking a venue where they can enjoy dance and drinks

Fantastic Family Celebrations

There are some birthday boys or girls who want to do the unexpected and have a good time with their families. They prefer to host their birthday celebration at a location that is usually visited by families. Restaurants like C and B Old Broad Street and Minster Exchange are amusing venues for your birthday celebration. You can invite all your family members or savour a deep dish alfredo pizza dinner followed by an evening of playing games. Besides, the city also offers a number of venues like a bounce house, amusement park or the zoo to host your celebration.

Backyard Buffet

If your budget is running low, then you might be thinking to throw a homemade feast. People who are good at cooking can turn the celebration into an appetizing birthday dinner. But, if you’re not confident about your cooking, you should better order the food from your nearby restaurant. Besides, when you pick a menu, don’t be frightened of consider something new or different.

outdoor venue in London

Al fresco Get-Together

Be dressed up to the nines and hang out with a friend or two for dinner and order a nice bottle of champagne. If this is all you want, then the city is sure to make your birthday a memorable affair. You can consider C and B City Point and Bank Of England Sports Centre to hold your al fresco functions in the capital. But, if you want to try something off-beat, you can plan a pool party in London.

Party with Loud Music

Why not pick a bar or pub as your party venue, where you not only have access to a dance floor but also have a variety of cocktails to choose from. Just dress in a fabulous attire and head to a bar like Grange Wine Bar and Medieval Piazza. The bar will ensure you to offer a spectacular backdrop to your dinner and dance events. So, you are sure to impress your friends with a memorable party.

The choice of space plays an important role in influencing the sensation of the party. So, make sure to hire a location that is perfect for your 21st birthday party.

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