Perfect Bridal Shoes for Beautiful Bridal Dress

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Perfect Bridal Shoes for Beautiful Bridal Dress

Invest some quality time in choosing the right pair of bridal shoes for your big day. If you want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect, don’t overlook that one item that will complete your bridal look – ‘The Wedding Shoes!’

Acknowledging this, we at not only bring you a list of best wedding venues for hire in London but also, keep you updated with latest trends and unique ideas. So, read further to know what all factors to keep in mind before selecting a perfect pair for your D-day.

Pick a nice pair of shoes that looks perfect with your bridal look and personality:

Comfort is the Key

Comfort is the Key

When selecting bridal shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. You have to be on your feet all day, taking photographs, dancing, and mingling with the guests at the reception. So, always select shoes that best fit in your feet. Go for cute ballerinas and ditch those high heels to enjoy your day to the fullest. Look chic and feminine without adding height. Besides, if you are planning a winter wedding try out boots with leather or soft faux fur and trinkets to stay warm, yet stylish.

Consider the Heel Size

Bridal Shoe Trends

A low or medium heel is ideal for sheer comfort, style, and posture. Even a small heel can provide you great posture than no heel at all. However, you should also consider the height of your groom while selecting the heel . Most brides like their grooms to appear taller than them in wedding photographs. So, if your groom is taller, then go for higher heels. But, if you don’t fancy high heels, then your wedding is the best time to try them. For some added height, you can try wearing lower kitten heels or platform heels too.

Style of Your Wedding Shoes

Trendy Bridal Shoes

The wedding décor and dress play an important role in choosing the style of your shoes. The rule of thumb says follow fancy shoes for simple bridal dresses and simple shoes for elegant gowns. You can wear simple bridal shoes with both elegant and plain dresses, but to enhance the simple wedding dress, you need to have more elaborated bridal shoes.

If you are getting married in the evening then try strappy evening sandals with a stunning gown. For a non-traditional wedding dress, buy non-traditional wedding shoes. Keep in mind you should always pick a shoe style and fabric that complements with your dress, personality, and the overall look.

Silk and satin are most popular choices for bridal shoes. However, your personal taste and wedding dress should have great impact on the shoes you choose. Shoes made of velvet, satin, lace, and silk are more feminine looking, while leather appears to be more bold and offbeat. For an outdoor wedding, consider fabrics such as silk and satin that are more durable and don’t tend to stain.

It’s important that your shoes should not only complement your dress and wedding décor, but they should reflect your personality too. A modern bride like you may choose shoes with chunky heels or flats, it’s your day, and it’s your style!

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