Organising 1st Birthday Party in London was Never so Easy

Expect the unexpected!! And you will feel on-board in a whacky parallel universe, exploring a bizarre world where infants are smarter than the London city. Well, we believe in soaring up snoopy butterflies in your tummy. We feel immense pleasure to introduce 3 prodigies, namely Sayel, Alexi and Brayn, who are surely to be the next entries in the Guinness Book of World Record…..we optimistically think!

We all happen to pop up the most amazing plans while doing nothing but cheesing off the couch with our load. BTW genius minds are born like this only. Congratulations world, another genius is here to hit the goal.

1. You would go bananas while running your eyes on planning of the best birthday party of the fall in the cutest Kidzee accent.

Being a jolly chap, Sayel ends up daydreaming showing guts to draw his fellows’ attention while they are busy with their respective favourite games. Brave boy…Actually…It is in every gene to get excited when birthday of our bestie is about to knock the door. If you don’t feel alike, just scan the expressions of these cutie pies.

2. Poor kids swinging in the dilemma, figuring about if these 7 days are too long to wait for or too short to arrange the surprise.

3. Aweeee…Neither mommy nor granny are up for letting the budding party organisers to use their personal venues for the celebration. Where will they go now?? Strange to know, mosquitos could be annoying for other purposes as well.

Pity you babies, had you not created a mess at home you would be dancing on birthday song at your place itself. Oops Hard Lines!!!! Trouble your as little minds as cranberries to find out a good party venue. Wish you all the luck!

4. Good news for Uncle Google he is quite popular among infants too.

Just look at the zeal and ecstasy of these buddies while revealing a plethora of intriguing first birthday party venues in London when they were struggling to find a single one. All thanks to that startles every one with its exquisite range of venues. No more do you need to hike your blood pressure level while finding a good venue for your function as it’s a kid’s affair now. Uncle Google really worked dude.

5. And meet the showstopper Caly. He is the bigwig for whom Sayel, Brayn and Alexi have been boiling the ocean so far.

Barmy giggle of all these cuties made their efforts worth it. Forget everything now, lose the plot and dance to break the floor.

We obviously feel utterly elated when our mates do something special for our birthdays. Enjoy the celebrity seat while your best ones cook up something overwhelming on the sly to rock your day. These cute lil minds did exactly the same to make Caly’s day unforgettable.

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