Office Christmas Parties: Money Saving Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching in London – and with it, the season for office Christmas parties. Companies across the city have had a tough year, and many are thinking to cut the cost down for their office Christmas.

But to have a great Christmas bash in London, you do not need to break the bank. Here are some excellent money saving ideas for offices, who are on a shoestring budget.

Be wise and throw a corporate Christmas party under your office budget.

1. Involve Everyone
The key to an office party is to get people together. So, it is important to find out what your employees will enjoy first. Rather than spending money on things that people are not bothered about, take some time and find out how your employees will like to spend their time. This will not only help you cut the cost down, but will ensure that everyone stays happy at the party.

2. Use What You Have Got
You do not have to hire an opulent London venue to have a fabulous corporate Christmas party. Instead, just think about best ways you have to plan a party. If you have enough space in your office, then go for it. Little bit of decorations and the party can be amazing.

3. Make Sure Your Negotiate
If you do not have much space in the office, then hire a venue. Hiring a venue in London does not mean you have to pay hefty costs for your party. Work out your negotiation skills here. Remember that your company is feeling the squeeze this year and you must try to cut the prices to secure your business. Browse online and get few quotes to have an idea on your office party budget.

Meanwhile, some bars and restaurants in London are trying to stir up Christmas enthusiasm. They are offering huge discounts on their Facebook pages and websites to deal the recession this year. Take advantage of these deals and hire a space within your budget.

“The office Christmas party is a grand social event for many workers,” says a party promoter at TheCityCollection.

If you are good on your negotiation skills, you can easily get a venue with good food, drinks, and entertainment for cheap.

4. Team Up for a Bumper Christmas
This is surely a wonderful way to save money this Christmas. Try to team up with other businesses in the area to host a great celebration together. It is easy to get good deals at restaurants or nightclubs in London with a large number of people. And, another advantage is by splitting up into companies, you can save lot of time and money in planning an event.

5. Have a Christmas Lunch
There is no rule that you should host a Christmas party in the evening. These days, lot of companies prefer to go out for lunch. This actually is cheaper than boozing in the evening. And, above all it offers a nice change. Do some research and find out restaurants or bars that offer space for afternoon Christmas.

There are plenty of ways to cut down the cost of your office Christmas in London. Think out of the box and plan everything keeping in mind the budget of your company.

If you still have reservations about your office party, then think again. Go through our A-Z planning guide for corporate Christmas and organise an inexpensive party in the capital.

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