New Year Party Themes for 2014

We have all been to those lame-o New Year eves, haven’t we? But let’s not make the biggest night of the year a boring affair this year. And what can help you in creating a perfect party ambience is a theme. While some elements like the countdown and downing of the champagne will be same but you can set your party apart by adopting a unique party theme. And when we say unique, we don’t mean the usual ones like starry night or masquerade. Take inspiration from these out of the box themes to make your New Year party in London a big hit.

The Resolution Party
Give your guests an opportunity to express their resolutions through COSTUMES! If your resolution is to lose weight, dress in a standard work out gear but in 80s style to give it a twist. If your resolution is to go organic next year, dress as a leaf. It will help break the ice and the scope is endless. You can even make an activity out of it. Ask your guests to use nametags to identify them by their resolution. Spread all the nametags on a table and ask people to guess which tag belongs to whom. “Planning a beach vacation” goes to the one dressed in floral Hawaii shirt.

The Future Fiesta
New Year celebration is all about what the future holds for us. So, to make your event futuristic, serve cookies, cupcakes, and sweet treats with metallic hues in geometric shapes. Ask your guests to come dressed as citizens of the future. Overall, you have to give a sci-fi feel to the New Year venue in London with LED lights, glitter, and contemporary steel furniture. Silver, grey, and black shiny leather outfits coupled with large metallic jewellery pieces and headpieces will make perfect futuristic get-ups. And if you need inspiration, look up to none other than Lady Gaga.

Tick Tock Clock
New Year Eve is the only eve when striking of the clock really does matter. Make clock your party theme. Decorate the whole room with vintage clocks. Serve interesting New Year Eve cupcakes. Arrange 12 cupcakes in the circle and top them with 1-12 numbers. Set different clocks according to different time zones. Celebrate with champagne each time the clock strikes 12 as per the time zones. Give out maracas, horns, and noisemakers to guests before the stroke of midnight to take things up a notch.

Around the World New Year
Ever wondered what the world is doing when ringing in the New Year? Why not have an around the world New Year party to showcase some international traditions. "Kung Hei Fat Choi" which means Happy New Year in Chinese. This time, it’s the year of the horse as per the Chinese tradition. A few of the traditions that you can incorporate are the dragon dance, giving out money in red envelopes to young children and of course, a Fireworks display. New Year’s Eve is also called “Ano Viejo” in Spain. People there ring in the New Year with a lot of cava and one grape on each chime of the clock when it strikes 12. A total of 12 grapes are stuffed in your mouth at once. As per Italian style, make sure you eat lentils as they are thought to bring good fortune in the New Year.

007 Themed New Year
If you are looking for a more sophisticated theme of black, silver, and gold, don’t worry, you can still make it chic. Celebrate a black and white New Year in James Bond style. Give your guests a chance to dress up to the nines and attend a 007-style soiree. Name your party as a “secret mission” and call your guests as agents. Set up a swanky bar scene and serve Bond’s signature drink, martini, shaken not stirred as Bond says. Set up a casino table for guests to indulge in a little gambling (with fake cash). Guests can dress in sleek and sophisticated gowns complete with diamonds (are forever) accessories, bald man with a white cat, gold lady, and of course, black tuxedo coupled with shades like Bond’s Choices are endless.

Instead of a run-of-the-mill affair, this New Year, plan a themed celebration to leave all you friends and family members delighted.

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