Love Nature? Woodland Themed Wedding is Just for You!

The idea of tying the knot under trees and a beautiful pond will definitely fascinate you, if you are a true nature lover. Woodland weddings, surrounded by your loved ones, feature all the wonderful elements like beautiful flowers, natural scenery, and many more. The trend of nature weddings has become more and more popular, as many lovebirds are shunning the five star hotels and grand churches towards a more tranquil, nature setting with a cheerful feel.

But where to find such a woodland? This is the first question popping-up in your mind, when it comes to planning a nature wedding. If you have already found a venue, you need to take a pre-approval to host your wedding there. Of course, organizing a woodland inspired wedding is not an easy task. However, you can arrange everything like a pro by keeping all the below mentioned things in mind:

Deciding the Theme
It is true that no two gardens are alike in every way. The same is for woodland weddings, which differ in feel and formality. So, it is suggested to opt for a distinct theme to create a whimsical look for your big day. Some of the themes are as follows:

  1. Enchanted woodland – Think about a ceremony where trees, shrubs, or bushes are adding unique touches to your backdrop. If you are unable to find such a place, you can give your backyard the look and feel of enchanted woodland. Highlight all the natural properties of your backyard, and let nature enthuse your creations.
  2. Secret Garden – For those who are looking for a small, intimate wedding, a secret garden is the ideal place to hold a wedding. Say ‘I Do’ in a row of bushes, shrubs & trees, and arrange your outdoor table with topiaries decorated in urns is one of the most romantic ways to get married. Don’t forget to strew some rose petals on the aisle, as the bride will walk the passage barefoot with a classic round bunch of roses.

Location, Location, Location!
There is no doubt that the UK is home to thousands of acres of gardens, but it doesn’t mean you can host the party or wedding anywhere you like. Most gardens or parks usually belong to the respective authority. So, when searching for a woodland area, your initial priority is to discover information about the authority that allows permission.

A woodland wedding signifies pure romance. That is the reason; some venues get inspired with this theme and offer a perfect natural backdrop for saying ‘I DO’. Barbican Centre and The Conservatory and Garden are the best venues that allow you to hold a woodland-inspired wedding.

  • Barbican Centre – Europe’s largest cultural venue, Barbican Centre provides a good collection of event spaces for all kinds of occasions. The venue boasts a beautiful garden room, which is home to finches, quails and 2,000 species of floras. Its garden room not only offers fantastic views of the city skyline, but also provides impressive banqueting facilities as well. If you consider this venue, you can expect a delicious menu for your wedding with the magnificent ambience.
  • The Conservatory and Garden – Elegantly furnished, The Conservatory and Garden is highly popular for its beautiful garden, which is surrounded by trees and shrubs. With mouth-watering menu, this luscious garden venue happily caters to grand weddings, receptions, and outdoor events. Whether you have an intimate wedding or a grand ceremony, the venue assures you to meet your particular requirements. Its close proximity to Holborn underground station ensures that the location is easily accessible for wedding guests.

What if Rain falls
British weather experiences a bit climatic variation, so when planning a woodland wedding you should always consider a secondary option. It is worth thinking about a marquee, conical tent, or yurt for your wedding if the climate lets you down. Or you can consider a venue like Inner Temple that offers a beautiful marquee garden. Spread over three acres, this garden can accommodate up to 600 guests and is one of the award-winning venues in the London city. Existing since the 14th century, this venue has gained a huge status for its parliament chamber and garden.

Apart from above things, there are also some other points that you should consider when planning a woodland themed wedding.

Nature-inspired Costumes
For a nature-inspired look, a bride can consider a dreamy blush-pink gown with matching shoes. To add a bit of style, you can also put real flowers in your hair and accessories with pearls. While picking the pearls, make sure that they are chunkier and have a modern look.
Though you decide to walk the aisle barefoot, it is necessary to have wedding boots on hand for your outdoor ceremony. Don’t forget to arrange some white umbrellas that will help you to shelter guests at any point.

Setting the Tone
If you are planning to host a woodland wedding, you can add some green elements into the venue to get a modern feel. These decorative elements will not only enhance the beauty of your wedding, but also give a very personal touch. Vintage hanging candle lanterns, potted centrepieces, and unique vases are some of the things that you can use to add extra flair to your decor.

If you don’t have time to create these decorative things, you can visit to local thrift stores where you will surely find some quirky treasures. Though you need to do a little clean up of things that you buy from these stores, they will surely offer you a unique look to your big day.

No matter how much you love the nature, but you can’t completely drop the idea of sending the wedding invitation cards. So instead, go to a local business that publishes cards using recycled paper. Each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and avoids nearly 60 pounds of air pollutants. So, it’s perfect to combine things up and go green with your wedding cards. Another tip is to mail the invitations through the World Wide Web. This will not only help you to cut down the cost of your wedding invitations, but also to save the nature as well.

Give the Earth a Hand with your Wedding Favours
To set the tone of your woodland wedding, honour your guests with nature-friendly favours. These green wedding favours are something that your guests will actually use or keep. But, it doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of pounds to buy these favours. They are the great do-it-yourself opportunity. Some of the best examples that you can use for your wedding favours are seed-paper cards, herb pots, baked yummies, and terrarium.

Choose Simple, Elegant Flowers
From opalescent wedding bouquet to floral decorations, there are number of flowers that you can consider for your big day theme and colour scheme. So, instead of splurging on fancy flowers that are imported from another location, why not pick some elegant and inexpensive flowers. To add rustic charm to your wedding, it is necessary to use simple and elegant flowers. For carnation bouquet, passion flowers and majolica roses are best choices, whereas caspia and agapanthus flowers are perfect for table spaces.

Seasonal and Organic Food
Search for an eco-friendly restaurant that offers wedding catering services. If you are unable to find one, look for a Panera Bread eatery in your area. For organic food options, you can also speak to the local farmers at your flea market to check out what will be fresh at the time of your marriage. If this job sounds a little difficult to you, then you can take off your stress by hiring a professional caterer that offers organic food. Pan-Fried Tofu With Spicy Peanut and green hummus are great for starters, while Calexico burger and artichoke chicken salad are perfect for main courses.

Be Reasonable
When you think about a woodland wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is eco-friendly. And any eco-friendly event doesn’t need the luxury of a grand garden to arrange a wedding. You can seek permission of any beautiful wedding park or secret garden where you can pitch a marquee. This way, you can save the hefty rental of venue and can look after the items where splurging can get unmanageable.
For beverages, you can buy wholesale from local wine producers if your venue gets agree to serve from your bottles. Don’t forget to hire bartender services that will serve you a range of creative cocktails in a professional style.

Go Green with Drinks
Why not go green with your drinks to match the theme of your wedding. A bit expensive yet most stylish way to serve your green drinks is to have an open bar. Spring Green Shooter and Green Daiquiri Punch are some green alcoholic drinks that your guests will surely enjoy. If you are looking for non-alcoholic options, then you can opt for Green Pineapple Punch and Mint Float.

Keep the Aisle Clear
Make sure the aisle is carefully manicured before the wedding, as you don’t want any hurdle to come across while taking your wedding’s walkway. Organic gardening and garden beds will give you a perfect backdrop to your wedding. Strew some majolica on the aisle, as this will add extra flair to your decor. If your partner wishes for a specific flower, then you can also consider it at the time of decorating the passageway. Some of the all-time favourite flowers are tulips, hyacinths, and lilies.

Eco-Friendly Rings
Exchanging rings can be done simply and stylishly in a number of nature-friendly ways. The most important one is to opt for a jeweller that offers eco-friendly rings. It means that the jeweller prefers using recycled gold and previously owned diamonds. Cultured diamonds and gemstones are considered the most nature-friendly jewels, as they are developed in a scientific lab. And the best part is they are quite reasonable and easily available as compared to blood diamond rings.

Taking Pictures: Go Digital

It is true that wedding pictures provide sweet memories for the bride and groom to talk about over, once the day is gone. But, it is must for a woodland wedding to go digital, as they avoid the use of insensitive chemicals, wasted paper, rolls of film that analogue camera does. Another benefit is you get a chance to select exactly what pictures you want in print. You can also request your paparazzo if he allows you to keep the digital pictures after the event is over. This way, you can keep a digital photo album of your wedding.

Take Assistance of a Wedding Planner
It is wise to look for a wedding planning service. Your big day involves too much stress, so it’s a smart decision to have someone whose sole duty is to ensure everything runs smoothly. These professional planners invest their extensive knowledge and years of experience to make your event successful. But before hiring a wedding planner, make sure that your venue doesn’t provide any event planning service. If your venue has event management service, then you will be able to save a great deal of money.

Arrive in Style with the Carriage Ride
Do you want to feel like a princess for the day? If yes, then the best way is to travel to and from your wedding through a horse drawn carriage. Sit back and relax in an elegant carriage while you enjoy the most amazing with your best mate or fiancé.

A Green Honeymoon
Your nature-inspired wedding should deserve an eco-friendly honeymoon. The earth has no shortage of green places that will surely make your travel experience worth remembering. Many lovebirds are now favouring the eco-friendly places that preserve the natural environment and make the living standard better. The eco-tourism stated by the ‘The International Eco-tourism Society’ is the perfect source to get ideas for an eco-friendly honeymoon.

Add elegance and romance to your wedding, with a themed that includes much more than trees, shrubs, and bushes. Follow these above ideas to arrange a woodland weeding, which will surely mesmerize your guests.

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