London Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Arranging a wedding outdoors is a wonderful way to make your big day a little different on a shoestring budget. Trees, birds, and flowers, all will shower their blessings and make your wedding even more wonderful. But to save big on your big day, you need to plan everything ahead of time. From outdoor wedding venues London to decorations, and favours, there are plenty of things that can guzzle your wedding finances. You need to know where to splurge up and where not.

Plan B
It’s no secret that you have to carry umbrella and sunglasses together in London as weather is unpredictable. A surprise rain in London can shock you anytime. If you don’t want a rainstorm to ruin your arrangements, it’s a wise decision to have a plan B. A conservatory, a marquee, or any indoor option needs to e there to save the guests from showers.

It’s all about lighting as the sun sets but the party is still up! Outdoor weddings means you don’t have to spend much on décor as Mother Nature is ready to offer her beauty for free. But lighting can break your bank. Choose lighting that adds style to the ambience is also cost-effective. Hang strings of twinkling fairy lights around the trees on the pathway. Colourful paper lanterns suspended from the branches of the trees will add magic to the aura. For centrepieces, you can use floating candles in glass bowls.

Frugal Favours
Instead of giving guests something ornate and expensive item, give them something functional. If you are lucky to get married on a warm sunny day, why not give your guests water bottles with your wedding date labelled on them. Or if you are using the beauty of nature as your wedding backdrop, why not thank Mother Nature with some eco-friendly favours. Give them pots with seeds so guests can grow beautiful plants that will adorn their backyards.

Getting married doesn’t mean that you will end up having debts to pay off. Careful planning and preparation will help you create a magical outdoor wedding without blowing your budget.

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