Little Things at Weddings that can Make a Big Difference

Every couple wants to have a kick-ass wedding whilst also saving for a kick-ass honeymoon. But not everybody can make it happen. But you can! It’s not the lavish venue or the expensive centrepieces that make a wedding what it is. It’s the little things that make a big difference. If it’s just a plain white hotel hall you’ve hired doesn’t mean you cannot personalise it and turn it into something awe-inspiring. If you can’t hire a Limo, it doesn’t mean it’s over. A minor face-lift or a total renovation, whatever you want, these special wedding ideas will definitely help you get started.

Wedding LightingExtra Lights

Don’t fret! It doesn’t have to be glinting chandeliers. You can change the look of the reception venue with fairy lights as well. Look for the details where lighting can create extra magic! How about using coloured under table lighting. 10 lights for 10 tables, that’s it and the resulting ambience will knock your guests off their feet. Does the hall have marble pillars? Wrap strings of Christmas lights around them. Forget chandeliers and hang paper lanterns from the ceiling. It will change your venue from looking empty and lofty to intimate and romantic.


Venue will eat up most of your budget so you really have to be choosy and smart to pick the right one. Look for outdoor venues like gardens, courtyards, marquees, and conservatories. The outdoor natural charms add a special touch to the simple reception. Booking a venue last-minute means you’ll have to pay extra. So make sure to look for deals and offer well ahead of time. If you are not mad for a June wedding, consider hosting your wedding in winter offer off-season deals during this time of the year.

London Wedding BusWedding Wheels

Hiring a limo is no doubt an enticing wedding transportation option that you’ll find hard to resist. But think of the money you have to pay. Why not make your wedding wheels stand out! Choose something budget-friendly, earth-friendly, and creative like a horse drawn carriage. If you’re thinking of ways to transport your guests from the church to the reception venue, why not hire a London route master bus. It’s a budget friendly option with lots of photo opportunities.

Take Care of the Necessities

Your guests will always remember your wedding if you’ll take care of their little requirements. Put a basket in the lounge area and rest rooms providing comb, mouth freshener, tissue, perfume, and other touch-up items. For the ladies, keep items such as mascara, lipstick, hairspray, breath mints, hair brushes, remover, and perfume testers. Your guests will be blown away!

Show Your Gratitude

If your hair dresser or make-up artist is going to hang out all day long with you, make sure to offer them lunch. And if one of your parents has a favourite song, it would be nice to get it played during the reception and dedicate it to them. Whenever you get time, don’t forget to thank your parents for all the effort they have put in to make your wedding flawless.

A Room for Kids

Sometimes kids can be annoying at weddings and family functions. Make sure to keep them busy and entertained so that they don’t disturb the parents and run around your reception site making it look like a play school. If possible, arrange a separate play area for them. Put tables there with papers, crayons, and other stationery. Also, keep some toys and games to keep them occupied during the day. You can take it up a notch with a special kids’ menu which may include pasta, pizza, candies, and other kids’ favourite items.

Catering and photography definitely matter the most but make sure to take care of these little things and your big day will turn out to be a wonderful and magical in London.

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