Let the Bride Shine: Neon Wedding Ideas

What better way to give your big day that ‘wow factor’ than adding a splash of ultra-bright colours. From colourful sugar-rimmed cocktails to creative decor, neon is everywhere these days. So, why not celebrate the return of 1980’s trend with a neon wedding that involves bright neon touches in your dress, your groom’s tie, and vivid jewels for unmarried girls who attends the bride. However, adding a bit of neon tones to your wedding is not an easy, as it seems. Therefore, here are some of the ideas that will help you to hold a neon-inspired wedding and be successful with sophistication.

If neon wedding is all in your mind, then you should follow this theme from the beginning. You can start with the invitations, so your guests get a hint of your wedding’s theme. There are number of websites that allow you to browse tons of designs in a range of s, shapes, and layouts. Printing the cards with the neon letterpress is the ideal way to send your wedding hues to your guests.

Table Arrangements
Planning a neon wedding doesn’t mean that you are only limited with jelly sandals and funny packs. As you can also use neon tablecloths, lamps, and glow sticks to make your wedding classy and simple. In order to get neon wedding accents, you should stick only to green, pink, orange, and yellow shades. There is nothing wrong with using more than one neon colour for the table space, but you need to remember that it can be tricky to make every shade to stand out.

Whether you are looking for a quirky venue or cool city hotel, London has no shortage of wedding venues. Some venues are great for couples looking for an astonishing backdrop for their neon themed wedding.

Let your love shine with an ultra-bright wedding dress. Choosing a modern neon wedding costume is undoubtedly one of the most exciting shopping experiences you will ever have - which is why it is essential to pick it right. Don’t forget to wear green jewels if you are considering a white gown. To add more glow to your wedding, you can also buy a hot pink heel for you. This way, you will be the showstopper on your big day in an elegant gown.

Besides, the best way to complement your colourful wedding gown is to have a neon wedding bouquet while walking down the centre aisle of the church. Each shade in the attractive bouquet stands out by itself, yet looks perfect with the dress.

Wedding Favours
Ultra pink and yellow nail polish are perfect for girls, while neon yellow slotted sunglasses are great for boys. Nothing could be perfect at a neon wedding than having everyone wear his neon shades at the end of the evening. Follow this 1980’s style, get into the photo booth, and wear your chunky neon costume for a never-ending memory of dazzling yet stylish wedding.

With these groovy ideas, you can tie a knot in an 80’s era style. You can add modern sophistication to your wedding by using pops of colours here and there.

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