Know How to Plan a Fabulous Kids Tea Party in London

Kids’ tea parties no more involve a solitary child with a table full of empty plastic tea cups. Modern children tea parties are special events that blend role-paying and etiquettes with fun and frolic. A tea party serves as a perfect theme for a girl’s birthday party. You little girl would love to welcome and serve tea to her guests that include her friends, parents, teddies, and dolls. But hold your horses before you start planning and book a venue. Myriad of lush and well-maintained gardens to hire in London give you opportunity to arrange a garden tea party. These tips and ideas will help you arrange a perfect tea party.

From Alice in Wonderland to Victorian era, there are plenty of choices for a kids’ tea party. If nothing else strikes your imagination, go for a princess themed party. Little princesses with tiaras will look amazing while sipping tea and enjoying scones and ice-cream.

However, the thing to remember is that the theme of your kids tea party should relate to the occasion. For example, if your kid is around 6 years old, then throwing a Victorian tea party would be grossly inappropriate.

Decorating for a tea party is not a hard row to hoe. Paper garlands, streamers, and flowers in pastel colours will help create the right look. Use cute cake stands, teapots, and plates that gel well with your theme. As with the theme, the decor for you kids’ tea party should match the theme.

You can serve cookies, mini cupcakes, and other sweet treats that kids love. Also, include chocolate scones, sandwiches, and pastries to complete your menu. Make sure that the tea is caffeine free especially if kids are very young. Think of vanilla flavoured tea, fruit and flower, or sweetened ice tea. Keep some hot cocoa and lemonade on hand.

Girls just love to dress like their moms and wear their high heels. A children tea party is all about playing pretend. Have faux jewellery and fun hats on hand. Additionally, it would be a good idea if you frame a dress code in sync with the theme of the party.

If you do not find enough time for shopping for your kids’ dress, go to

Games and Activities
It’s supposed to be a refined gathering, so you can’t think of any rowdy options. But there are plenty of activities you can include to keep the fun up. Arrange a fashion show and let the kids flaunt their outfits. Or let them get crafty, and give them paper tea pots to colour and decorate.

As far as activities go, choose from pass the ring to hide and seek, there are a number of activities that you can incorporate to keep the kids engrossed.
Let the little one also indulge in this great British tradition of afternoon tea. Make your kid’s tea party one to remember with the help of these ideas.

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