Inspiration to Plan a Gorgeous Spring Wedding

Spring time means charismatic colours, fresh flowers, and fairly unpredictable weather. And there’s no doubt, it is a perfect time of year to get married with a sense of new beginnings in the air. A spring wedding includes flower table centrepieces, strawberry pie bars, and frothy wedding gowns. So, why not celebrate your big day by incorporating some spring elements into your wedding theme. Here are some of the amazing ideas that will help you to plan a perfect spring wedding in London.


The first thing that comes to your mind after you’ve gotten engaged (beyond the wedding gown of course) is to find a perfect wedding venue. The spring theme will add another layer of complexity, as you need to opt for a location that complements the pastel shades of spring season. Setting up a seating area in a garden with living room furnishings will help you to make the most of the spring wedding. Fortunately, London has no shortage of large gardens and parks where to hold your wedding reception.

What if it Rains

It’s important to have a Plan B, when you are planning an outdoor wedding. As beautiful as spring is, the weather conditions don’t always cooperate you and your event planning. If you have a venue in mind, ensure they have an indoor space as backup, or set-up a marquee that guests can use throughout the event if it rains.

To create a whimsical vibe, the best way is to have a space that is adorned with a blend of floral globes and paper lanterns hung from the canvas pole marquees. A separate marquee tent could be used to house a bar, buffet, or whatever you like.


Following winter and moving forward to summer, the spring season allow you to be creative when selecting a wedding dress. A bride can either pick a large, winter dress or go for a slim line, strapless wedding gown that is perfect for the summer.

A tea-length wedding gown is a perfect choice for brides, while a regular fit tuxedo jacket accessorized with a pastel bow tie is great for grooms. As colorful the season is, you are no shortage of shades that you can add to your wedding attire. But, it’s all up to you whether you want to stick to tradition white or put a little spring affair in your outfit. Lavender pink, Mauve, Puce, and Green are some of the shades that you can add in your or your bridesmaid’s attire.


This is the fun, creative part that you will love. Depending on how fancy you want to make your big day, the decor can go in numerous directions. Some brides want to create an outdoor garden feel, while others prefer to have a woodland wedding setting. Hanging lanterns complemented with lush flowers are perfect for a charmed garden wedding. Besides, to add extra style to woodland wedding, you can use a rustic canopy with seasonal blooms.


No doubt, spring comes with fresh flowers. But, with so many good possible choices, it is quite difficult to choose flowers for your wedding bouquet and wedding arrangements. For a wedding bouquet, you can either pick yourself or take the help of your florist. Be it a round-shape or hand-tied, a bouquet should complement your wedding theme and dress. Using unusual flower varieties and color combinations will make help you to create a unique bouquet.

Watch your love grow or follow these useful ideas by planning the ultimate spring wedding in London.

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