Infuse the Magic of Christmas in Your Winter Wonderland Wedding in London

Winter weddings in London can be the most dramatic occasions in one’s life. And, thus they demand bold, utterly fabulous setting that can bring the true essence of the season.

Dare to dazzle your guests by infusing the magic of Christmas in your winter wonderland wedding in London. It is a fantastic idea that will soak up the festive atmosphere with your marriage.

If you are short of ideas, then follow these:

Winter Wedding Gowns
A wedding is the most special day in your life and if you wish to remember it for entire life, go for bold, statement-making wedding attire. Brides choosing a winter wonderland wedding must pay utmost attention to their gowns. You gown should bring out the essence of the wedding theme. It should be sweet, beautiful, and gorgeous, awe-inspiring everyone present at your ceremony.

Pick the winter wedding gowns that inject the magic of Christmas at your ceremony:

Vintage Winter
With a thriving, lingerie effect, a vintage winter dress is just perfect for your winter wonderland theme. Do not accessorise too much, as sheer lace sleeves and decorous length will add the magic at your event.

Hollywood Cool
It is an old school, but it is an ideal way to add whimsical effect to your winter ceremony. Wear a full cathedral ball gown and you will look like a perfect Christmas time bride.

Lady in Lace
Lace is a perfect style statement to make during winters. It signifies snowflakes and chic icicles. Chantilly lace and tulle cap sleeve dress with a plunging neckline, you will surely make your groom go mad for you.

Winter Wedding Colours
Pastels are ideal for spring or summer nuptials, but if you plan to marry in the middle of winter, then go for rich colour tones that give stunning colour theme. Here are few expert opinions on how to plan a fabulous winter colour scheme:

Ravishing Red
Probably the most appropriate colour scheme if you want to relive the magic of Christmas. Red is a traditional symbol of love and Christmas. So, carrying a bouquet of red roses will be a real style statement.

To add more touches of red throughout the day, you can wear a pair of red-soled shoes. You can serve your guests some great cranberry martinis or mulled wines. Painted rose crown cakes or red velvet cakes will be a good addition to your ceremony too.

Wild Winter Green
Wild winter green is a gorgeous, lovely-looking colour scheme, which can be minimal in cost. Use winter green foliage with different textures or combine green tea roses to add more elegance.

Get more deeper and darker shades of green to highlight a warm winter wedding in London.

Another great addition to Christmas and winter wonderland wedding, gold colour scheme gives you a luxurious feel at your wedding. The opulent gold décor and gold leaf on the food make your ceremony look awesome with this colour.

Pull of a wonderland wedding in winter by choosing an overwhelming metallic look, with a glitzy gold and silver décor and attire.

Winter Wedding Venues
A Christmas inspired wonderland wedding demands a chic, atmospheric, and opulent venue. From a snowflakes garden scene to roaring log fire, a right winter wedding venue in London will just enhance your special day.

We have listed out some dream winter wedding venues in London that will add just the right touch to your Christmas inspired celebration in the capital:

Trinity House
It is a historic building in Fenchurch Street, offering panoramic views of Thames and Tower of London. Trinity House in City of London is a familiar setting like your home, where you can dine and dance amidst the luxury of well-furnished rooms.

Antique chandeliers and painted ceiling, this is a lovely site for planning a winter wedding in the city. The elegance of sweeping staircase and beauty of Trinity Square gardens make this an ideal photogenic venue for your marriage.

Capacity – 120 Guests

Skinners Hall
A venue like no other, Skinners Hall is available for exclusive hire for winter weddings. It has flexible rooms for dancing, dining, and reception. There are beautiful outdoor as well as indoor spaces, where you can plan a themed nuptial as per your requirements.

An event co-ordinator is ready to help always, allowing you to get a bespoke wedding package at Skinners Hall.

Capacity – 300 Guests

Charing Cross Hotel – Guoman
Your gold colour scheme will just look perfect at a venue such as Charing Cross Hotel – Guoman. It offers a breathtaking set up for your dream day. With its sheer opulence and scale, this London luxury hotel will offer an ideal backdrop for photographs and ceremonies.

It has a choice of function spaces, all suitable for small and large celebrations with your friends and family.

Capacity – 150 Guests

Winter wonderland is a season inspired wedding idea. And, to add a twist to it, you can infuse the magic of Christmas in it. Use these fabulous ideas and make your dream come true at these venues.

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