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Indian weddings are grandiose and quite popular among non-Indians too. Traditional Hindu weddings are glorious ceremonies that call for lavish preparations, from the beautiful ethnic bridal wear to the grand procession of the groom (baraat) to the wedding venue. Arranging such an impressive affair in London can be a challenge especially if you’re keen to go beyond the décor. But here, you’ll find all ideas, from decorations to traditions and entertainment.

Bridal Attire
Ever wondered what makes Indian weddings so popular across the globe? It’s the rich colours and ornate fabrics that give a festive vibe, making it a popular choice as a wedding theme. A celestial marital ceremony is revelled in the most celebratory manner like that of a queen. Bridal attire has to be something eye-catching. As per the tradition, the most popular bridal dress is not to mention “lehenga.” It’s a midriff baring blouse coupled with an embroidered flaring skirt. Although the traditional colours are supposed to be red or pink coupled with rich green, gold,o r blue but if you’re a blushing bohemian bride, there’s nothing wrong with choosing an ivory or white lehenga.

White is becoming exceedingly popular amongst modern brides. Amalgam of modern and traditional, west and the east is the best you can have on your wedding day. An off-white lehenga with golden zari embroidery or a red velvet lehenga with golden embellishment, whatever is your choice, you’re sure turn heads. As far as jewellery is concerned, Kundan or Polki Jewellery is really in vogue. Intricate gold designs studded with uncut diamonds in different shapes, these jewel pieces will make you glow as you walk down to your groom.

The Baraat Procession
Imagine the groom making a grand entry at the wedding venue on an embellished white horse followed by dancers, drummers, Bollywood brass band, and baraatis (guests). This formal procession is called “baraat”. You can even hire elephant to make your entry grander and we assure you’ll feel no less than a king. If you want to reach to your partner in style when having an Indian wedding in London, is sure to help you.

Wedding Venue
Finding an Indian wedding venue in London can be daunting as some décor additions are needed to conduct a few rituals. However, some venues have the colour scheme, décor, and the royal feel needed for an Indian wedding reception and ceremony. When talking of Indian weddings, two venues that top the list are Gibson Hall and Grange St. Paul’s Wren Suite. Look at the image below and you’ll know why. We further bring you Top Indian and Hindu Wedding Venues in London. You may select from the list of 8 handpicked spaces for conducting authentic traditional ceremonies in London. You may further navigate through London’s best Asian Wedding Venues and have your pick!

Decorations and Lighting
To make your wedding even majestic, create an enchanting setting with Indian decorations and colours. Here are some ideas to kick-start.

Colour Scheme
Indian wedding typically features bright colours like red, orange, gold, yellow, green, and blue. Gold and red always remains a popular combination for wedding décor. Drape silk red curtains across the place to create a luxurious look.

The Stage
Indian weddings have a stage with two ornate thrones for the bride and groom to sit. Right on the stage is performed the “jaimala” ceremony, where the bride and groom greet each other with an ornate flower leis. This ceremony reflects that the couple pledges to show respect to each other for throughout their lives. Once this ritual is over, people congratulate the couple and give out gifts.

Décor Additions
Decorate the settees with silk sashes and place golden embroidered cushions on them. And make sure to hang strings of flower garlands from one end of the room to another. To make striking table centrepieces, use double-delight roses, orange lilies, and purple orchids.

The Mandap
Mandap is a temporary covered structure with pillars where the “saat phere” ritual is performed without which a Hindu wedding is incomplete. Under the structure, the bride and groom chant hymns as dictated by the priest and exchange vows in front of the ceremonial fire. Later they take 7 rounds around the holy fire. In first three rounds, the groom follows the bride and in the next four, the groom leads. Once the rounds are over, the groom puts vermilion in the bride’s parting of the hair and a gold chain with black beads called “mangal sutra” around her neck. And to make all this happen, an embellished mandap is needed. Exquisite mandaps are available for hire in London in different designs, from floral to royal.

India gives you plenty of wedding themes to play with. To take things up a notch, make sure you include some Indian elements in your wedding details. Think about having a peacock wedding. Or how about incorporating some traditional Indian motifs like parrot, leaf, lotus, creeper, paisley, and even tiger? From the regal wedding to the flower bliss, choices are endless.

Once the groom enters into the reception site, the bride’s side ushers in the groom with a lot of fanfare and drama. Those with deep pocket don’t refrain from inviting signers like Akon. From aerial performances to fire dance, Indian weddings are taking entertainment to a whole new level. Stand-up comedians are becoming a big hit amongst wedding guests and you know London has many. Finding wedding entertainment options in London is not a problem; however, if you want a quintessentially Indian night, why not hire Bollywood dance troupes in London.

Wedding Photography
It would be criminal to not capture the special wedding moments. And to create everlasting memories with photos, you need to hire a professional Indian wedding photographer in London. But don’t worry, we have already done the research for you. J Dhillon will surely exceed your expectations capturing the essence of every touching moment, helping you treasure it forever. And make sure you check the portfolio of The VIP Studio, widely recognized for Indian and Asian wedding photography in London.

If you’re keen to plan a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in London, these ideas are sure to help making it the most memorable day of your life.

Best Hindu Wedding Venues in London

Barbican Centre

Old Street

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