Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue Manager

When it comes to planning your wedding, booking your dream venue is one of the first things on your to-do list. But before you sign a contract, make sure to ask some important questions, including “Is VAT included?”, “Is there any hidden cost”, and“What’s if rain happens?”. It is easy to choose the venue that’s adorable when you first walk in, but that might leave costing you a ton at the end. So, these questions will help you to find the best possible venue.

Is VAT included?

While quoting the price of the venue, this cost can often get neglected. To budget your wedding like a pro, it is important to analyze all the wedding expenses. Making your wedding budget without including 20% tax could lead to budget woes.

Expert’s Tip:
Suppose you really like the site,ask thevenue manager to give a quote with all the pricing – including VAT or service charges – so you get an idea of the basic cost.

How many events do you handle in a day?

Less asked but equally significant, this question will help you to know the capability and limitations of the venues. If your wedding venue is hosting more than 2 events in a day, you might feel like you’re being rushed out as they want the space for an evening celebration.

Expert’s Tip:
Try to plan your wedding in the morning or afternoon. This way, you could show up to a fully decorated venue and a happy staff.

Do they offer on-site coordination?

There’s no doubt, you need an event coordinator to cross-check that the tablecloths are clean, the napkins are available, and the waiting staff are properly dressed. If your venue offers on-site coordination, then don’t forget to ask what is included and is there any extra charge for it?

Expert’s Tip:
Only opt for a venue that offers on-site coordination, as it will help you to ensure all the little details fall into place.

What’s the Seating Capacity?

A venue representative should be able to tell you how many guests can be accommodated at one time. In a city like London, event spaces have strict capacity rules. So, if you think that your guest count has gone up, then you might need to search for a distinct venue or think minimizing your guest list.

Expert’s Tip
: Depending on the number of guests attending, you may choose the venue. A large space will seem empty to have few guests, while a small venue will look crowded with some guests.

What if rain happens?

If you want to tie the knot in a stunning outdoor setting, that’s perfect, but you will need to ensure that you’re equally pleased with the indoor space in case of unexpected rain. It’s worth considering a ‘Plan B’, as you never know about London’s weather.

Expert’s Tip:
When the venue representative asks youto look into the indoor space,don’tadmit this feeling “it never rains”.

Questions for Guest’s Convenience

Where’s the parking? How many cars can be parked at one time? What’s the bathroom situation? All these little questions can be deal-breakers, so be extra careful.

Don’t forget to ask these important questions to your venue manager before signing a contract. If you get the worthy replies to all your questions, congratulations! You have preferred the ideal venue.

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