Ideas to Gear Up for Bad Weather on the Wedding Day

Many lovebirds dream about an outdoor wedding in a garden, on a riverside venue, or along a stretch of white sandy beach. But, the worst thing about having an outdoor setting is that you constantly need to bother about bad weather that can spoil your celebration. So, what do you do if the BBC weather forecast predicts a rain on your big day – particularly when you’re arranging an outdoor wedding? Obviously, you can’t control the weather, but you can get ready for stormy weather during your big day. Following are some of the expert’s suggestions that will help you gear up for not-so-great weather conditions.

Have a Back-Up Plan

While you’re searching for an outdoor location, make no doubt to ask your venue representative what if it rains. Although the city where you’re tying the knot is popular for sunny weather, you’ll still need to ensure you’re pleased with the unpleasant weather option. Whether the venue promises to setting up a marquee or shifting the entire event outdoor, it is necessary to ask your venue organizer about a backup plan before you book.

Shop for Stylish Rain Accessories in Advance

Dealing with rain becomes a little easier if you are well equipped. Rain accessories like umbrellas and rain gear that complement the colours used in your nuptials will look better than a standard yellow rain slicker or black coloured umbrella. Keeping these accessories close at hand for the day (if possible and within the budget) can make it unchallenging to deal with wedding–day rainfall.

Think Carefully About Weather Issues

There’s no doubt, rain is always a threat, but you need to consider minor weather issues as well. High winds and unseasonably hot or cold weather are some of the climatic situations that can ruin your wedding day. During the summertime, consider bringing in air coolers and serving your guests with chilled drinks throughout the day. For winter season, it is necessary to have heaters and blankets. And in case, the climatic situations are just too unpleasant, consider shifting things indoors – even if rain isn’t an issue.

Don’t Forget to Click Pictures

Even brides who have walked down the church aisle prefer to click some wedding pictures outdoor. So, make sure to choose a wedding venue that has secluded outdoor areas. This will help you to click some pictures and give your guests some comfortable seating spaces even if the weather is rainy.

Welcome It!

A marquee setting or indoor space can keep the rain and sun off. So, why not make the best of the situation by dealing with it with a smile. Get your fashionable rain accessories and boots ready and ask your photographer to get some fun photographs in the open-air. Get in touch with your wedding vendors about considering creative ways to make your wedding a memorable affair. And keep in mind – rain on your big day is deemed good luck!

If you’re like every other bride who’s planning an outdoor ceremony, then these ideas will help you to handle the bad weather on your wedding day.

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