Ideas for Your Spring Fling in London

Spring party ideas

When the spring is in full swing, it means only one thing that it’s party time! And spring is welcomed in London like a king returning from the war, THE COLD WAR. Now that New Year festivities are over, it’s just the right time to start planning for a hearty spring party. So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a reunion, let the party planner in you blossom. And to make sure that you don’t end up as a haphazard host, here are a few ideas to help you pull together a blowout bash.

Spring invitation ideas

Many party purists still believe that print is best but if you’re not one of them, e-invites are also quite a good option. You’ll save a lot of paper, postage cost, and there’s nothing wrong in doing your bit for Mother Nature. Spring parties mean you need to keep the vacation schedule of kids in mind. If you don’t have much space, don’t feel guilty of skipping a few guests. You don’t need to invite everyone and anyone. Stop fretting and skip the plus-one. Follow this rule especially if you’ve never interacted with their date or partner. Besides, use proper wording to get the recipients excited to join your bash. Here’s the wording that’ll evoke your theme.

Let’s have fun and soak up the sun!

Spring has sprung! Let’s rejoice!

Spring party venues in London

You party to take a break from the daily chores and your backyard may not be the right place to do it. If you agree, consider renting a space. You can find many outdoor venues in London to choose from but keep one thing in mind. Weather in spring keeps fluctuating, especially in London. And there are high chances of a rain shower. Look for a venue that offers an indoor option like a marquee or a hall along with the garden so if the weather turns fowl, the party still continues. For making an online venue enquiry, please visit us here.

Spring party games and activities

Games and Activities

For Kids

Kids love to be a part of scavenger hunts. Make a list of items to hide at different places within the venue and ask kids to find them. To make things easy for them, give them hints. Kites, bubbles, and side walk chalk are a few prizes that’ll get the winners excited.

For Teenagers
Two of the most fun outdoor party games for teenagers are no doubt, potato sacks and two legged race. Both are quite easy and fun. All you need to do is arrange sacks and ties as per the number of guests. Draw the start and finish line and award the winners.

For Adults
This is quite a fun game as all you need is two oranges. Divide guests in two teams and give the first person of each team an orange, and ask him to place the orange between his neck and chin. Once you say “Go”, the adult will pass the orange to the next person without using hands. The team that gets the orange at the end of the line first, wins the game.

Spring party decoration ideas

DIY Décor
If you’re hosting the party in a garden or backyard, the natural elements are enough for the décor. Although make sure to choose your colours wisely when purchasing or hiring party supplies. Yellow, pink, lavender, sage green, orange, and lime are the colours of the day. But don’t make it a flashy sight. Pair two pastel colours with one bright colour that pops. Too many colours look clumsy and are too much for the eyes. For added ambience, you can use flowers in the décor like sunflowers in the birdhouses. You can even display fruits of the season in glass bowls to make wonderful centrepieces. Make sure to match your cake to the theme colour and also your signature cocktails. But limit the matching to these two items, as a whole lime coloured menu will not appeal to guests.

If you’re hosting the party in the evening, make sure to use proper lighting and in spring, possibilities are endless. The cheapest option is to use your holiday lights.Wrap them around trees, string them along fences, and even place them in tall glass vases to make extraordinary centrepieces.
Other accents you can use to spice up the décor are coloured paper lanterns, candles, tissue paper flowers, and pompoms.

Spring party drink ideas

Delicious Drinks
Any spring soiree can come to life if right cocktails are served. Spring cocktails have some seasonal ingredients that make them even more refreshing. Here are a few recipes to indulge the taste buds of guests.

Strawberry Mojito
Mix up simple syrup, strawberries and mint together in a 10-12 oz. glass. Add rum, soda, lime juice, and ice to it and mix well.

Lemon Basil Martini
Mix 2-3 pieces of lemon with basil leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add 1/2 oz. syrup in it, sir well and then add crushed ice and shake. Strain the blend into a martini glass and serve.

Mint Julep
Muddle syrup, mint, and water in a low-ball glass with a ladle. Add bourbon and fill the goblet with crumpled ice.

Grapefruit Margarita
Mix and stir tequila, lime juice, orange liquor, club soda, sugar, and grapefruit juice in an 8 oz. glass and serve.

White Sangaria
Mix cognac, chopped mangoes, oranges, sugar, and peach schnapps in a jug. Refrigerate for an hour and then add ginger ale and white wine before serving.


  • Consider offering an afternoon picnic style party. Your guests will love it after the shady cold months! But make sure that the garden is not watered that day and offer waterproof mattress covers along with comfy cushions.
  • Make sure to get the lawn sprayed with nontoxic spray two hours before the event.Also, make a separate station to place blankets, bug sprays, and lotions that guests can use. Place insect repellent candles through the yard will also help.
  • Given the unpredictable weather, keep the canopies and portable heaters at hand.
  • Place food at different mini stations around the venue as it will help people avoid queuing and get them moving around. You don’t want all your guests to sit, do you?
  • Keep the rule of two in mind to make things easy. Two lines of guests each side, two serving spoons for each dish, and two sets of utensils at each end of the buffet table.

Welcome the blossoming spring season with a bang this year! Make sure to follow these ideas when planning a spring fling in London.

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