London Summer Party and BBQ: Ideas, Venues and Offers!

What makes a moustache-topped tight-lipped Londoner smile an All American Boy smile? It is, without a shadow of doubt sire, the London Summers! Do you feel it? The soothing spike in the temperature? Days becoming longer...Finally, it is that time of the year when we can sample different popsicles, hang around shirtless, and can ACTUALLY wear khakis, shorts, and hot pants. Since the summers in the City are only the last sip of Pina Colada away, we reckon a hot and gorgeous celebration is on the cards!

And like always, we come prepared with sexy summer party and BBQ ideas, venues list and special offers in place. Obviously, we are going to party, and we are going to do it in style! That too, without having to rob a bank! So what are we waiting for? Without much ado, let us get this hot and happening party started, right?

Epic Summer Party: Ideas and Suggestions

Does your summer BBQ bash need some sorting out? No worries! Our events management team is more than willing to help! Since it is summer and we intend on to making the best of it, let us get straight down to business. Here are some of the divine summer party ideas that have worked amazingly well for us. And we believe you might be on the lookout for these. If not, simply scroll down for some of the most tantalising pictures of food, drinks and gorgeous summertime balls and parties in London.

1. Serve A Perfect Alfresco Feast

London summers are actually the time where you can give the usual gluten a break. So, why not add a healthy twist to your outdoor event by serving a couple of yummy bites. Do you fancy some strawberries with honey vinaigrette? Or perhaps a creamy caramel fruit dip alongside taco dip with cream cheese? How about grilling brochette chicken under the balmy London sun...? Ah, Bliss!

Any summer party would be incomplete without serving some delicious quick-service Barbecue foods. In London, a majority of people love to get tanned under the sun and enjoy grilled food over the hot flame. You can take inspiration from this blog and decide the menu of the barbecue party planning.

2. Beat the Heat With Super-Refreshing Drinks

What’s a party without some booze to get into the groove? Besides, an alfresco event is just the perfect excuse for you to indulge in some easy summer cocktails and frozen drinks. When the sun is out, it is the time to be high like a kite, right? So, let us set the mood right by adding these much required high-spirited indulgences.

There is no end to the creativity that you can showcase with cocktails. However, there is something vintage-ish charming about sipping tropical cocktails while soaking in the sun. A menu with Banana Daiquiri, Passion Fruit Mojito, and Pomegranate Margaritas will surely quench the thirst of everyone, don’t you agree?

Treat Your Summer Taste Buds with Frozen Desserts

Desserts complete a celebration!
Yeah, we know, that was Aww! So, if you wish to have a perfect celebration, serve your guests with some “melt-in-your-mouth” desserts! The sweet indulgences of summer season have a charm of their own, laced with the flavours of seasonal fruits and flowers. Make the most of what this summer 2015 has to offer and perhaps serve sweets with something chilled or frozen. You may also want to try out seasonal fruits topped with whipped cream, berry cakes, and choco-chip ice-cream pie. And do share with us some of your unique ideas of other lip-smacking desserts.

4. Play the Ultimate Summer Playlist

More important than any other party feature, is music that sets the ambiance of the event. And zero down upon the music by considering the mood of the summertime soiree that you are planning. Usually, countryside summer parties prefer loud trance music. However, you can also add a dash of love songs and jazz for some crooning, mooning and well, you know what! Here are some of the other top options provided by one of our DJ friends!

  • Start with a bit of Travolta and Olivia Newton-John duet in "Summer Nights"
  • Or maybe with the popular "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini, Bryan Hyland
  • Even in London, you can enjoy "Surfin’ U.S.A.," by The Beach Boys
  • Up next, Katy Perry’s "California Gurls," feat Snoop Dogg is ideal for pumping up the summer BBQ party’s mood
  • And you can have further help with the "Summer In The City," by The Lovin’ Spoonful
  • "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer," by Nat King Cole, would continue to keep everyone glued to the dance floor.
  • And then we have the "Summer Love," by the heartthrob, Justin Timberlake (yayy!!).
  • Speaking of Justin Timberlake, also consider including "The Boys Of Summer," by Don Henley in the soundtrack.
  • And of course, "Endless Summer Nights" by Richard Marx is simply perfect, especially if you plan on to party till late in London.
  • Lastly, the classic "Summer Of ’69," by Bryan Adams is a MUST to jam this summer.
5. Give your Decoration a Touch of Elegance

Decorating an outdoor space can be a little frustrating, especially when you are doing-it-yourself. The best way to decorate in summers is by getting in tune with the season. You can create that magical summer vibe with lots of trendy decorations like pale-coloured lanterns, paper floral garlands, and island-inspired centrepieces. A striking floral decor at the entrance would definitely set the stage right for a summertime BBQ party to go on as planned. Our suggestion here is that you consider using a lot of daisy lavender, freesia, Eden, Lily, germinis, and roses from a nearby shop. Make your own flower arrangement to decorate them at your venue.

Summer Party and BBQ Venues in London

When you are at, you need not worry about finding the right party space or events venue in London City. Are you interested in a summer time ball and party? Or would you like a London venue offering space for barbecuing and spirited dancing? Stop worrying because we have got London’s party circuit covered for you. From ravishing rooftop spaces to serene townhouses and lush-green garden venues, get whatever you like here! But since you are looking for something spectacular and totally unique, here are some top recommendations by the experts.

1. Holborn Rooftop

Hold your head up high and bask in the glory of stunning panoramas of London from the rooftop of Grange Holborn Hotel. The Sky bar of a famous 5-star hotel in Central London is simply ideal to host your angelic summer BBQ party. The uptown comfy space is simply perfect to host a summertime gala of around 200 guests. With everything designed and manicured in the essence of modernity and sophistication, Holborn Rooftop will surely impress you. It also offers catering services through its in-house West End Bar Restaurant. You can further know about this venue in one simple step by clicking ‘Enquire Now’ button given below.
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2. HMS Belfast

If you love history along with some quirkiness, HMS Belfast will be a delight of a venue. As part of the Imperial War museum, this summertime party space always has something extra for everyone to explore, while enjoying the party. Choose the best among the three decks here and party hard in summer time. HMS Belfast venue adds to the atmosphere of enjoyment for all alfresco parties. Besides, the space has the best options in place to help you take your party indoors. The Museum and galleries venue will surely take your guests by surprise as it presents a fantastic fusion of fashion and history. Check out the venue and enquire for any style of party. We are always on our toes to provide you with the best of London venues.
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3. The City of London Club

What can possibly be more soothing and fun than the City of London Club? You can easily throw a peppy and upbeat party here for any occasion. Purposefully manicured design and flexible meeting spaces of the place allows anyone to plan a personal or corporate summer party. Besides, is it really a party without a dance floor? You already have the summertime party playlist with you, and we hope you have noted down the songs! The City of London club allows you to break into a jive anytime you want, at its spacious dance floor. Moreover, whether you require audio-visual assistance or a delectable range of cuisines, the venue simply covers it all for you. Just book this venue with and be set for a memorable summertime soiree. Let us know more about your plan for a party this BBQ season and our venue experts will guide you for the best.
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4. The Conservatory and Garden

Standing nonchalantly amidst the increasing London bustle, The Conservatory and Garden allows you to host a peaceful garden party in London. Nestled peacefully in Bloomsbury, the lush green ambience of the garden and sumptuous food choices makes it a popular choice for an events, party and wedding venue in Central London. Letting you enjoy London summers with celebrations and thrill, the venue is your trump card for hosting epic summer BBQ parties, outdoor ceremonies, unusual meetings and wedding receptions. If you are planning a grand party, why not book this venue with a capacity of over 450 guests? Besides, we have a special offer going on this venue, so you would end up saving big on your BBQ escapade. There is more about the special offers at the end of this segment. Enquire now and send us your brief enquiries, to make the most of this summer.
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5. The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace

What can be better than having your BBQ shindig at just a stone’s throw away from St. Paul’s Cathedral? Bring some twist to your cool summer party venue in London as you book The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace. The stunning glass Atrium possessing a variety of restaurants and bars will spice up the ambience of every party. Let your style speak stories after the party as you serve delicious Japanese delicacies to your guests. And Hey! If you are from the corporate world and looking for a perfect corporate BBQ party venue in London, Skyline Suite is just what you want. Impress your boss or clients with a fantabulous party at the rooftop. Enquire now for more details.
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6. Bank Of England Sports Centre

In the hot-n-happening market of parties, Bank of England Sports Centre is a breath of fresh air. This versatile outdoor and indoor venue drenched in English traditions promises a grand ceremony. Built in 1908, it has stood through the times and still endeavours to offer best services to guests. With the capacity of around 400 people at the venue’s Terrace Room, you can now get your party to the next level by hiring this soothing lush-green space. Moreover, wouldn’t you want to treat you guests to the beautiful lawn overlooking the nature’s landscape, and dance away to glory at the amazing dance floor? Be it a small family get-together or a big occasion, the venue has options to fill up your demand basket perfectly. For further details on venue hire, you can always contact us and get answers to all your doubts.
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7. In and Out

You can also plan a party in the heart of beautiful Georgian architecture influenced, St. James Square. The In & Out London club is also popularly known as Naval and Military Club needs for a grand and memorable summer party. With open-air spaces and posh indoors, the space is simply perfect for a BBQ office party in London. With the Grade II listing of the venue, we know you know you can totally rely on it for any hosting any sort of celebration or event. Enjoy the classic style of celebrations this summer and soak in the fun fully. And yes! Our event experts are waiting to hear from you. So if you want to anything about this venue or any other, simply shoot us a quick enquiry.
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8. Grange City Hotel

Lastly, we bring you an impactful London venue for hosting a summer party or a BBQ. In fact, organise a BBQ at this hotel’s Piazza and get a chance to hang out with the legendary Roman Wall! How awesome is that? Besides, the hotel at present is running a special offer on BBQ summer parties. Enjoy the sweeping views of River Thames, and host your alfresco party or other event close to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Enquire now to discover special discounts on the venue, and to book the space now! After all, you can only make hay while the sun shines, right?
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Special Discounts for Summertime BBQ Parties in London

Of course, we want your summer BBQ parties to be nothing less than epic without costing you a bomb! Hence, we have rolled out a range of special offers and deals on top summer party and BBQ venues in the London City. Have a look around these offers, and see which one you like. Lastly, feel free to write in a short enquiry to us, and our top venue experts would take care of everything. From negotiating the prices, to arrange venue visits and helping you with events management, we offer it all.

Now that we have got London’s summertime ball and BBQ party scene all set for you, we are all knackered. And the rising mercury is every bit as seducing as could be. You have the ideas, play list, venues and special offers in place. So what’s the delay? We are changing into comfortable cottons, and would most probably be heading out to a rooftop venue. What’s your excuse of missing the fun? In case you are not missing out on fun, well, cheers to you, cheers to the sun, cheers to London summers!

Until next time, with flashy and goggles and hat, see ya!

Top Summer Party Venues in London

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