Ideas for Planning a British Birthday Bash

Whether you live in England or not, you can hold a spectacular party that has a proper British feel. The rich customs and traditions of Britain allow you to set up a unique setting, appetizing food menu, and interesting party ideas. Decorate the party with Royal Union Flag, practice to speak in a British tone, and let the bash set the floor.

Afternoon Tea
It is true that nothing is more British than having an afternoon tea in a luxurious setting. So, why not call all your friends for a stylish tea party. For a proper British feel, follow the standard time for tea service that is usually 4:00-5:30 pm. You can also add Victorian feel to your party by embellishing the venue with pure linen tablecloths and flora dinnerware.

Antique silver teapots, elegant china cups, clotted cream, and sandwiches are just a few things that you need to consider when planning an afternoon tea in a British style. Classic scones with jam, clotted cream, and shortbread are the perfect tea snacks for hungry guests. If you are not good at cooking, make sure to order these treats from any authentic British restaurant.

Pub Celebration
For a spectacular cocktail celebration, you can decorate your party venue in a UK bar style and encourage your party folks to drink a beer or two. Hang iconic London landscape posters in the party venue, and consider printing paper version if you are not good at drawing. Old whiskey barrels, wine glass hanging racks, and dark wood tables are some of the things that you can add to your party venue. If it is a cocktail party, then the menu must include British beers and ales that happily satisfy the drinking needs of your party guests. Newcastle, Shepherd, and Wychwood are some of the renowned brands to think over. Brits usually prefer to enjoy a beer or two in an al fresco setting; but you can host your party anywhere you like.

London Calling
Organize a get-together that pays honour to UK’s most popular city. Using postcards and pictures of famous London attractions, like Buckingham Palace, red telephone booth, double-decker bus, and Tower Bridge will help you to set the tone of the party. For table showpieces, you can use the Royal Union Flag or small pictures of London. Make sure to emphasis on two colours that are red and white to attain the perfect look. To enjoy a London-style meal, you can serve the appetizing grill meat with marinated Brussels sprouts.

Play the British Music
If you are planning a social gathering where dancing is the primary activity, then play loud the best of British music. Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beatles, and Coldplay are some of the superstars that have produced some of the top music albums. To indulge your guests in the party, you can also conduct “Name that Tune” game or hire a disco or karaoke machine. Organize a singing contest that will help you to make your party more enjoyable and rocking.

Next time you plan a British themed party, pick any of one of these themes and ideas to give a quirky twist to your special party.

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