Ideas for a Perfect Teen Party in London

Teenagers need just one excuse to party with their group of friends. Whether it is a celebration for a friends birthday, a friend leaving the town or a party after the last exam is enough of an excuse.

Planning for the party begins months in advance and grabs the attention till end of the event. Teenagers look forward to the auspicious occasions to enjoy an evening out with friends. Celebrating the events of joy in London offers amazing venue options for all. For organising a teen party in the capital, choose from a variety of Venues in London.

Decoration is one of the main concerns of parties. Follow some tips for making interesting decoration arrangements at the celebration venues in London:

Balloons and Banners

Make use of gas-filled balloons in bright colours to decorate some spots indoors and outdoors. A huge bunch of same coloured balloons or mix of two colours together will be perfect for the corners of the hall. Give a dazzling effect to the balloons by spreading glue on the surface and sprinkling some glitter on it. Fill the ceiling of the hall with a lot of balloons.

Ask the venue team to add some beautiful printed banners with the subject of the occasion. Design your own banners and ask the staff to decorate it at the venue hall.


Lighting plays a vital role in every celebration. So, make sure lighting gives a nice effect to the party. Add tiny Christmas lights or stylish twinkling lights at the venue. Ensure enough lighting for the girls to admire each others dresses.

Add more lighting to the dinner area and let the dance area be dim. If you are following a certain theme for the party, make sure the lighting is perfect and according to the theme.


It will be interesting to add variety of memorable photographs at the venue walls. Teenagers will love to watch their golden times arranged in a beautiful collage. Collect the best pictures of your friend circle and relish the memories. Also, click Polaroid photos in the teen party to make more memories with your mates.


Make sure that the staff members cover all the tables with colour coordinated fabric. Linen is preferable for parties. Add a beautiful floral centrepiece to each table. Sprinkle some glittering confetti on the tables for a unique look.

So, arrange a beautiful teen party by following the above decoration tips. Choose from a variety of celebration venues in London and enjoy every moment of your teen days.

Amazing Teen Party Venues in London

BB Bakery

6, Chandos Place

Brunel Museum

Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe

Club Ten

St Paul’s

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