Ice Breakers for Meetings: 5 Minutes to Win It

Remember how boring was it to attend the history lecture in school? It is equally boring for an employee to attend a business meeting even if it is held in the most luxurious corporate venue in London.

Then how can organisations make a meeting or a conference interesting? Here comes the role of icebreakers. These little energisers work as magic wands turning the boring meeting into a light-hearted corporate event.

Considering that a good start is the call of the hour when conducting a meeting, these ice-breakers will help everyone relax and feel like a part of the team. Here are the top four that will make your meetings something to look forward to.

Art Attack
It is rightly said that a picture says a thousand words. Give all the attendees a piece of paper and a pencil and ask them to draw a picture of themselves in five minutes to illustrate who they are. Make sure nobody writes any words, numbers, or letters. Collect all the pictures after 5 minutes and show them to the group one at a time.

You will come across some quite interesting (and funny) masterpieces. Whoever guesses right who drew them should be rewarded with a little gift. The person should then introduce him/herself with the help of the picture.

Quick Trivia
Ask each member to create a quirky name combining the name of the first pet, pal, or teacher, with the street name where he/she grew up. Allow them to announce their name one by one. Whoever comes up with the funniest or the longest or the quirkiest name should be awarded. Do not be surprised to hear Velvet Greenfield, Squeaky Harold, Cuddly St. Mary Axe, and so on.

Your Worst Job
Ask each attendee to tell a bit about their worst job or their first job. As the tale will progress, it will turn out to be a fun conversation or rather competition to see who had the worst job of all. It will not only help everyone to get to know each other better but also help them appreciate the job you have given them.

Paper Airplane Game
A wonderful game will help attendees to know each other better. Ask each person to write their name and two facts about them on a paper. And ask everyone to fold their papers into an airplane, toss into the air, and pick up the one that lands close. The person who picks has to read the information and find out the one it belongs to. Award the ones who guess right. A fun exercise will relax everyone and help to be acquainted with others.

Make sure that your attendees do not end up checking their wristwatches every five minutes. Using these icebreakers will definitely help you get the juice flowing.

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