How to throw a Surprise Birthday Party

When it comes to hosting a surprise birthday party for someone you love, you want everything to be perfect. It is the perfect way to show love and let someone know how much his or her presence in your life means to you. Of course, surprise party is a little bit hard to plan, but keeping it as a secret is the best part of it. Therefore, if you are planning to surprise someone special, these tips will help you host a birthday party that everyone enjoys.

Choose a Theme
Theme is the most important element to consider, as it will make or break your event. As of now, get rid of execution. Initially, you need to figure out what are the things the birthday boy or girl likes or dislikes. Make sure to keep his/her personality and hobbies in mind to get the perfect time that will truly represent your loved one.

Pick a venue
The next important thing is to pick a venue where you can celebrate his/her birthday in style. Home, bar, or a concert hall are some of the options to choose from. If your friend or best mate loves a particular restaurant or bar, you can consider hosting the birthday party outdoors. Consider the pros and cons of each venue, as this will help you to take an informed decision.

Invite the Guests
This step can ruin the whole surprise party experience, if it’s not done carefully. While handing out the invitations, make sure that every guest knows it’s a surprise birthday bash. You can also ask them to park their vehicles a bit far from the venue, as the guest of honour could get hint if see a bunch of cars outside the site. If the person is intensely shy, then inviting more than a dozen people is simply bad idea. Inviting friends that are close to your best mate is always a safe play.

Make Decorations
One of the most challenging steps of throwing a surprise birthday party is getting the perfect decorations. You might want some assistant, so it is advisable to ask a friend who has hosted several surprise parties. Fill the party room with candles, centrepieces, party blowers, or ribbons. Make sure you beautify the main area first and then try to emphasis into decorating the other areas.

Get Creative with Food
Surprise birthday parties are a perfect time to get creative with food. Go for a cake that the surprisee wants to eat and try to focus on serving food that he or she loves. If the birthday party doesn’t end till the early hours, then plan to offer more filling food like pizzas, paella, hamburgers, or fish tacos. To add extra flair to your partying experience, consider setting up an open bar or hiring a bartender to serve the drinks.

These ideas will assist you go a long way in throwing a surprise birthday party. Make your loved one feel extra special on his or her birthday with the perfect bash.

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