How to Throw a GROOVY Disco Prom Party In London?

During the prom season each year, every high school and college wants to stand out with their prom party. It all starts with the theme of the prom party where institutions compete to have the coolest ideas for it.

disco prom party theme

This year, let us go retro! Okay, just try and imagine vintage prom parties making a ravishing return to the main circuit! That can be just so FETCH! And well, if you have any problems with making fetch happen, we are here to help you out! You see, we love retro! And hence, here is a quick guide on how to throw a 70s themed Disco Prom Party and be the talk of your town:

1. Hair, Hair, And More Hair:

prom party theme london disco

Rather than the dress code, your invites should mention a hair code. From hairy chests blooming out of open floral print shirts to fashionable beards and permed afro hairdos – it is a serious affair about hair when it comes to ‘Bringing Back the Disco’.

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2. The Legendary Disco Ball:
The signature of any disco themed party is a giant and glimmering disco ball. This funk ball will add an edge to your party and pull even people with two left feet to the dance floor and ‘boogie’.

discoball in prom party

Try some of these cool prom venues in London like Tuttons – small prom party venue in London and the Brunel Museum – a quaint prom party space in London city. Each of these venues offers dance floors, themed lightings, and the ultimate disco ball.

3. Party Food and Drinks:
One important aspect of a disco themed prom is organising the food inspired from the 70s. It can range from custom made cupcakes, to fondue, salad bar, Hawaiian punch bowl, dips, chips, crackers, exotic finger food, to cheeky main course.

Book budget or luxury prom venues of Central London like the Wren suite in City of London or Club Ten near St. Paul’s Cathedral. These peppy party spaces can arrange for various types of cuisines and catering for your party.

4. 70s Dress Code:

retro theme prom party ideas

Bring back the foxy attires of the 1970s and stand out in the party with jumpsuits, disco shirts, denims, floral and flowy fabrics, in-belted sweaters, kickin’ jeans, unisex clothes, king-collar shirts, super heel shoes, roller skates and more.

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5. Dance Like No One’s Watching:

disco prom party theme

Don’t worry about it disco chicks and dudes. Even though you have two left feet, you can still call it a step if it doesn’t make sense.

6. Dance Like Everyone Is Watching:

The people around you wouldn’t know what hit them once you will get into your disco shoes or roller skates for that matter.

And that’s it! Go ahead and rock the show! Organise an epic prom! Maybe not! Just have fun! Until next time, ciao!

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St Paul’s

Innholders Hall

30 College Street, Dowgate Hill

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