How to Surprise Your Young One at His 11th Birthday Party

11th birthday party

Your ‘Tween’ has a birthday and you are in a dilemma. Here is how you can surprise him on his 11th birthday by planning a special party in London. Take this opportunity to be creative and organise a fun birthday party, where your young child is at the centre of attraction.

Types of Party

There are plenty of ways to throw a tween’s birthday party in London. But, for an 11-year-old boy, these party types will be perfect:

Seasonal Parties

They are a fun idea for your tween, whose birthday is in summer or winter. For a beautiful summer bash in London, organise beach or pool party, with some outdoor activities. An alternate reversal can be ‘Christmas in July’. BBQs are ideal at this time of the year too.

If your child’s birthday is in winter, then go for Winter Wonderland parties, with options for ice skating and sledding. Hire one of the best kids’ birthday party venues London and flip seasons to plan a December tropical party inside.

Game Show Party

Adorn your party venue London like the set of a game show. Use sofas as contestant area for players awaiting their turns. Think of a game show that allows team play. If you like, Family Feud then set your own game at the venue. Most birthday venues in London city offer game show equipment, or make your own using buzzer, podium, blackboard, and so on. Write down some general knowledge questions and let your small invitees guess what the answers are!

A French Party

It is an exotic party idea, which will surely amuse your kid. Decorate the space with Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. Play party music by Maurice Chevalier and other French singers in mid-20th century. For food, you can include grape juice, lots of cheese, and creped with Nutella. Let your kid and his friends engage in games, such as a scavenger hunt for French items or quizzes about France and its culture.

Murder Mystery Party

Do not limit murder mystery theme to just adult parties. You can incorporate this theme to surprise your 11-year old tween too. Search online or visit local thrift stores in London to buy murder mystery kits for kids and teens. These kits usually include invitations, scripts, props, and party timelines that you can use to amuse your young ones.

Food You Need To Serve

Need some ideas for tween party in London? This collection includes some of the best menu options that will impress your tween:


Surprise the kids by serving them some delectable dips and appetizers that are made using quality ingredients. If you are short of ideas, then pick best one from these:

  • Hummus and pita chips
  • Coconut chicken wings
  • Easy egg rolls
  • Orange kissed tomato salsa
  • Mini pumpkin tarts
  • Crispy cheese stars
  • Parsley ranch dip

Main Course

Sometimes tween need a little inspiration to try new things. And, what’s better than serving them these fun food items:

  • Cheesy meatballs
  • Healthy chicken and vegetable sausages
  • Herb crusted chicken bites
  • Mini hamburgers
  • Monkey tail sandwiches
  • Thai fish balls
  • Barbecue pork balls

Cakes and Cupcakes

Whether as a snack or dessert, these cakes and cupcakes will be perfect for your 11-year party in London:

  • Banana split cupcakes
  • Butterfly garden cakes
  • Butterfly cupcakes
  • Carrot and apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  • Choc-caramel cupcakes
  • Choc-chip vanilla cakes

Games for Tween

For kids’ party entertainment, decide on the games and activities you will be introducing to surprise young tween. Plan few fun games where everybody wins or some exciting activities, where everyone participates. Here are some great tween birthday games that you can introduce at London venues:

Potato and Spoon Race

Go for big hall or a garden, where you can organise this race. Get some spoons and small potatoes that fit the bowl of the spoon. Mark start and finish lines. Have your kids hold the spoon with potatoes on it. Ask them to run along the course trying to keep potatoes balanced, without using their hands. If potato drops down, he/she will be eliminated.

Musical Chairs

An all time favourite at kids’ birthday party in London, musical chairs will surely add more fun to your event. Place a row of chairs facing alternate directions. Let the music play and children parade around chairs. Once the music stops suddenly, each kid has to sit on a chair. The child left standing is out. Continue this process until a winner is found.

Twenty Questions

Pick one child and ask him/her to leave, while others pick an object in the room. When the child returns, he/she guesses what object was picked. He/she is allowed to ask only 20 questions to find out what the object is.

Use these fabulous party ideas to amuse your kid at his 11th birthday bash in London. Let him enjoy to the fullest, with you special planning and exciting activities.

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