How to Save on Food and Beverages When Planning Events

Food and Beverages

After the venue hiring cost, it’s the food that eats up most of the event budget. And it’s the food that people remember the most of an event. This imperative budget blower is easy to manage if a few things are kept in mind. You can’t afford to fall short of food or hire a cheap caterer, but there are a few considerations that will help you cut down the food and beverages cost when planning an event in London. We know how much is it important to plan a ravishing event when you’re in London, the financial hub of Europe. And keeping that in view, here are a few factors to consider when planning an event in London.

Use What’s Available

When working it out with your event planner or chef, make sure to let him make suggestions based on the local produce. Seasonal and regional produce always proves to be cost-effective. So skip the idea of serving an international cuisine. Do a lot of locally grown fruit trays salads. It’s fulfilling as well as cheap.

Edible Centrepieces

It’s impossible to imagine an elite event table without a grand centrepiece. May be you are opting for something small like rustic lanterns, LED light vase, or something similar. As an alternative to these expensive table centrepieces, you can use edible centrepieces. Small cupcake stands with standard desserts and sweet treats work well. Or you can put glass bowls filled with fruits and veggies. These table arrangements will not only look eye-pleasing but are fulfilling and cost effective too. You’ll save huge bucks that you could have wasted on renting centrepieces.

Buffet or Plated

Think twice before you choose a caterer in London. It’s a common misconception that buffet is the most cost-effective serving style but it’s not. First, avoiding buffet, you’ll spend less on labour cost. Second, people are going to fill their plates regardless, so you’ll save on food as well. For buffet, the chef has to make more food than required just to make sure not to fall short which causes a lot of wastage of food. But buffet always allows guests more choices so there’s always something for everyone on the menu and it also encourages networking, as there is not set seating plan. If you choose to serve in buffet style, make sure to use smaller plates as people are less likely to consume much.

Control What’s Served

So you’ve hired the event staff to keep refilling the coffee cups of the attendees in a meeting or conference. That’s good because meetings are so boring and people need to refresh in between. But what if the staff refills the cup when there are hardly 5 minutes left in the break. A lot of pounds go to the drain this way. Always make sure that the staff serves people at the right time and in right portions. Ask the staff to fill glasses only on request.

Use Stand-up Tables

People eat more when seated, as it’s more comfortable. But stand-up tables are a nice option if you want the guests to concentrate on networking rather than on food. Stand-up tables mean they are less likely to eat all night which will save you money. This is especially preferable for cocktail receptions.

Queues are Okay

Don’t be afraid if there are a few lines at the bar. Although you don’t want long queues but small ones are okay. Five to six people waiting for the drinks will encourage networking and it is less likely for people to stand in the queue again to get their glass refilled. It will greatly reduce overindulging on cocktails.

Use Substitutes

Go Vegan if it’s okay with people. Veggies are always cheaper as compared to meat. And choose your substitutes wisely. Hake is a popular fish but costs way lesser. Soups are often overlooked. Soups are delicious, cheaper, and quite fulfilling leaving less room for other dishes.

These little things will help you a great deal in cutting down your food cost. Hopefully you’ll use these tips when planning your next event in London.

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