How to Plan an Event Using Social Media

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Gone were the days when birthdays or special occasions were celebrated with the family or maybe with one or two best friends. Now, there is no apparent limit, when it comes to hosting parties. A kid wishes to invite the whole class to celebrate a splendid birthday, while the grown-up teen wants to throw a memorable wedding party with hundreds of guests. Thanks to countless party themes, venues, and decoration options available on internet.

With the help of internet, an event planner can find out unique venues to host a party, numerous DIY decoration ideas, and freebies to save money, and even send party invitations to guests. But, the main problem arises when the event organizer is not tech savvy at all. So, this guide will help you to host a celebrating using social media without being tech savvy.

Searching a Location

Choosing the right venue is often the most brainstorming part of event planning process, since even a little oversight can lead to major setbacks for guests. Every restaurant, theatre, bowling alley, and outdoor venue has its own party space that allows you to host your event in a unique style.

To check out what’s in store for you, just type “party venues” (specify as per your event) and your city’s name in the search box on Google or Yahoo. This way, you will discover affordable venues and obtain ideas that you never thought possible with only your budget limiting your choices.

Picking a Right Theme

A party theme is also one of the first elements you’ll need to decide on. You can visit Pinterest to collect new and interesting ideas. This visual discovery tool allows people to share boards of visual pins that are based on popular categories like style/fashion, party, travel, and food.

Log in your own Pinterest account to collect the ideas you find. Google Chrome users also have a leverage to install the Pin It Button, so they can pin things they like on the web as well.

Finding Ideas for Your Theme

If you’ve decided a theme for your party, but you don’t know where to start with a theme. Consider visiting the Pinterest and search your theme topic in the search box. Don’t forget to follow other users’ boards if they have similar tastes. Besides, you can also search the same at Google and explore the first few search results.


There were days, when the invitations sent through the post office. But today, a majority of people prefer to send invitations through Emails. This not only helps in saving yourself time and money, but also to keep track of the RSVPs – with social media. You can also create an event page on Facebook, but don’t forget to use the “Invite Only” option in the privacy sections or you may end up with more guests than you expected.

Share Party Images

By creating a social media photo album, you can easily share your event images with all the people who attended or weren’t able to attend. Flickr is one of the best ways to upload or tag your photo album with something like “Brandon and Teresa Wedding Party”.

Be it a small or large, planning an event needs creativity and a lot of hard work. But, by utilizing these simple ideas, you can make your event planning easy breezy.

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