How to Plan a Surprise Party in London

Surprise Party

There’s no better way to make your loved ones feel extra special than to throw a surprise party for them. But you’ll need to pull in a lot of efforts especially if you’re a chatterbox and find it difficult to keep secrets. But that’s the most fun part of it – keeping the secret, isn’t it? Londoners just can’t get enough of surprise parties. The concept is so popular that even Miley Cyrus had a surprise birthday bash. The element of surprise is very important, so when decorating for the party, keep it in mind. So without being longwinded, here are some ideas to get your started.

Who All to Invite

It’s the most important part of planning a surprise party! If the guest of honour doesn’t like to mingle with a lot of people and is a little shy, then the idea of inviting more than 12 people would be a party pooper. However, if he mingles easily and is a conversation starter, inviting total strangers will be a nice surprise. If not this, you can definitely call his old school friends and childhood pals. That would be a real surprise, right?

Choosing a Venue

If you’re inviting just a few people, you can plan it at home. But it gets tricky, as you need enough time to decorate the place and make other preparations. Hiring a lavish hall is not the only option! You can even go for a small space in London such as a marquee or a courtyard. You don’t have to decorate much, neither worry about the catering. If you still want to host the party at home, use your backyard. It’s not easily visible and you can plan a garden party or a BBQ.

Type of Surprise

Only popping a confetti balloon and yelling “surprise” is not going to work alone. Don’t make things too obvious. Why not plan a treasure hunt for the Surprisee. It can start with a note left by the pillow of the birthday boy or girl or glued on the bathroom mirror. The guest of honour may have to drive to different places to get clues including inside jokes and funny old memories and ultimately reach the venue. That’s the time when yelling “surprise” would be fun.

You can also make up a story. And come on! Be realistic. Tell them that your car broke down and you need help or anything that may sound genuine. Take the surprisee to the party venue but make sure that all the lights are switched off. The moment they enter, give them a big surprise.

Another great idea is to plan a kidnapping surprise. Wear a wool face mask and the moment your friend open the door, blindfold them, put them in the car, and take them to the party spot or their favourite concert.


It might sound too obvious but don’t forget to remind all the attendees that it’s a “surprise” birthday party. Make sure nobody accidently spills out the secret. You don’t want to ruin things. To evoke the element of surprise, use scratch cards. Recipients have to scratch the invitation cards to reveal the date and venue information. Or you can also send balloon invitations that guests have to blow up to view the details. On top of the invitation, write TOP SECRET to make sure the idea of surprise is clear. You can use wording like this.

There’s a birthday party where you’ve to show,

Don’t tell the “Guest of Honour” because he doesn’t know!

If you’re up for it, here’s a word to the wise,

Make sure to be on time, because it’s a surprise!

Poppers and Whistles

To heighten the effect, hand out poppers, crackers, and whistles to all the guests. Anything that makes a noise will enhance the effect when the surprise moment comes along. Right after the big surprise, play the favourite song of the surprisee. To really take it up a notch, invite the favourite band of the guest of honour to make them feel special.

How to Keep the Surprise

The best way to eliminate any suspicion is to pick a party date before or after the real date of the birthday. Start planning a fake birthday brunch with the guest of honour to remove remaining doubts. The best way is to throw the party a day after the birthday, as the guest of honour will think that everyone has forgotten.


Make sure the decorations of the venue aren’t visible at all from outside. Embellish the venue in such a way that it leaves them in a state of shock. Cover the whole ceiling with helium balloons. Give your guests silly strings and confetti poppers to enhance the element of surprise. You can also hang streamers with the balloons and glue photos of the surprisee at the ends. It will add a “this is your life” touch to your overall décor and make him feel special. Switch off any lights before the guest of honour enters the venue and make sure to capture that priceless goggle-eyed expression.

If you’re able to pull together such a party, it will really become the talk of the town and make the guest of honour really feel special and loved.

Best Surprise Birthday Party Venues in London

Club Ten

10 Godliman Street, The City

HMS President

Victoria Embankment


Hill House, Shoe Lane

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