How To Plan a Romantic Wedding in London

Every wedding irrespective of its style or fashion is a celebration of long-lasting love story aesthetically, piously and literally. Champagnes, chandeliers and large gathering do not make memorable wedding memories however it is your personal touch and dedication towards your partner that will not only add on to aura of the ambience but gives your partner a comfortable feeling of ever brighter future with you too.

While planning your wedding, factors like venues, the setting, theme, scene, music and wardrobe, all have some significance but the preparation of a truly romantically themed wedding depends upon personal experience, taste and the association that unfolds through a series of sensuous gestures and creative planning. Utilize the guide to get creative!

Setting the Romantic Radar at the Wedding
Before starting with the wedding preparation, layback to remember special moments with your loved one and then make a checklist. Prioritize the list starting with the moments in which there was mutual celebration to individual likes and dislikes.

Besides, one can look for inspiration from the romantic classics or fairy tales and then plan the setting accordingly. You can use Tuscan landscapes, ethereal fabrics floating in the breeze, fireflies emerging with dawn or anything that can beautifully express your affection.

The Invitation
The classic style of invitation in black and white is too simple and ordinary. Use innovative ideas to give some hints about the up-coming event, which is going to be a mind blowing one. Leave behind traditional and use unconventional papers with three-dimensional designs.

For example, hand-made paper or rice paper can be used for their ethereal quality while the parchment and industrial papers will generate appealing art and crafts impressions. Use innovative colours and textures like maroon, fresh leaves velvet, or motif or take help of calligraphy artist to match designs with fonts as well as placement of your love quotes and poems on the invitation. Many London venues offer expert services to help you with their romantic hands.

The Venue
Depending upon the checklist you can choose best wedding venues in the city. Consider the landscape setting for an outdoor affair or meadows in mountains. If your partner loves a trendy wedding, then hire a flashy wedding space in London. The following venues in London present some great choices for your big day!

1. Grange St. Paul’s
This five-star hotel has set standards of excellence and elegance in hospitality sector of central London. The grand hotel with its expert support staff is available on 24/7 to turn even a mundane event into an extraordinary one. Equipped with all the facilities, the versatile venue is every ready to organize flashy and contemporary wedding with the huge variety in themes and cuisines to choose from, the hotel provides perfect solution to all your requirements.

2. The Conservatory and Garden
The location is apt for organising eco-friendly wedding and wedding with a garden view to inculcate the feeling that the love will be ever fresh as the garden in the setting and ever flourishing. Set in the Bloomsbury, the conservatory and garden is the most suitable location for organising wedding especially during summers with their expert chefs preparing delicious cuisines from their kitchen and barbeques to complete the package.

3. Pewterers Hall
The hall features among popular wedding venues and is often used for organising wedding reception and birthday parties centred on various themes. It comprises of three rooms i.e. The Ante Room, The Court Room, and The Livery hall with their own capacities. It also houses a private catering and sales partner ever prepared to serve to guests and please them with their delicious menu and splendid decorations.

4. HQS Wellington
Plan your wedding on a ship with assistance from the Honourable Company of Master Mariners. The popular venue has Courtrooms, Model room, Quarterdeck and committee room each coming with their own accommodation facility and decor. Quarterdeck provides breath-taking view of the Thames River and is ideal for barbeque and dancing events after the wedding.

Ironmongers Hall

Ready to give a royal touch to your wedding then book the impressive banqueting hall that is still very traditional and preserves the historical heritage which adds to its prestigious atmosphere. The hall is decorated extraordinarily with fine tapestries and wall paintings generating a royal feel with fine tinted glass windows and chandeliers makes the venue all the more classier.

The Effect
Once you decide the location, start thinking about lighting and mood of the event. Candles floating in fish glass bowls arranged in clusters or in successive mantels. Pastel Lanterns hanging from tree branches. Or, gleaming lights strewn along the tent’s perimeter. These ideas will definitely turn around any ordinary event into a visually invigorating wonderland.

Although wedding venues have their own innovative ways of decorating the event, but you can always ask them to give your personal touch. Start with diaphanous and dreamy linens like organza and voile to prettify tabletops or create drape around chairs falling in an airy, light-diffusing manner. An assorted selection of your favourite music or booking a piano or musical band that can play your lovey-dovey tunes will add to the effect.

Flower Power
Go beyond typical flowers like the roses or tulips and experiment with different flowers boasting of same romantic properties and evoking the familiar emotions. Orchid signifies love and calla lily represents beauty while Stephanotis stands for guaranteed happiness in life so, use these floral decorations bearing symbolic meanings. Tuck flowers into manes and bridles of horses or needle them into beautiful decorative pieces and hang them onto tree or ceilings coupled with twinkling lights.

The Wedding Look
A gorgeous bride and groom outfit will complete the entire dream package. The bride can take inspiration from the fairy tales, or dress such as, Cleopatra or other European princesses with voluminous attires or can also opt for the royal wedding dress of Princess Kate all prettified with laces and frills.

The grooms can go for vintage clothing or designer garments or made-to-order courts matching with the attire of your princess. Accessorise with matching or pearl cufflinks and bracelets or hair bands etc.

Inculcating these details in your wedding plans will surely make the most memorable and romantic wedding not only for your partner but also for the guests so start the preparation now by booking London venues beforehand!!

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