How to Plan a Mother’s Day Party in London

Yes, moms are way too special to celebrate with just a sit down meal. So this time, rejoice her unconditional love for you with a Mother’s Day party she’ll never forget. It’s up to your whether you want to keep it a family affair or invite all the moms in your life to come together. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make her feel how much special and loved she is. Not sure what themes to pick? Or how to kick start planning? We are here to help! We’ve jotted down the best Mother’s Day party ideas to make your mother feel special.

Theme Ideas

Take out the tuxes and cocktail dresses! Host a formal evening party complete with band, glass pyramid, hors d’oeuvres, layered cake with silky fondant, and champagne.If you want it to be a day party, how about a family barbeque? Or think of an afternoon tea party of mothers and daughters. Sounds oh so London, right? To make it even more fun, theme it! Incorporate the Victorian style with a Jane Austen themed party. Most moms love to dress up. If she likes Elvis Presley, throw her a 50s or 60s themed bash with everyone wearing poodle skirts and leather jackets. Another charming theme can be Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Or you can simply set the vibe with her favourite colour in mind.


Make it a surprise party to keep the excitement level up and see that priceless expression on her face. Don’t forget to mention this in the invitation that it’s a surprise party so that nobody accidently spills out the secret. If you don’t have enough time to make preparations, consider sending an e-invitation to guests. Or alternatively, call them to invite. This will save you the printing and postage cost too.

Party Music

Music is really an energy booster of any celebration! You can include songs in praise of your mother. But a better option would be to include her favourite songs in the playlist. Whether she likes 60s pop or romantic numbers, make sure to play these songs in the background.


It will be May so you can rely on the weather. Consider hosting the party in a glass conservatory, botanical garden with blooming flowers, or park that offers natural beauty as décor. Outdoor venues in London are perfect for barbeques, tea parties, and summer celebrations. Whatever venue you choose, make sure there is an indoor alternative in case the inclement weather.

A Special Gift

No, you don’t need to give any expensive jewellery piece. Take her for a movie,cook something delicious for her, give her spa tickets for a pampering session, or plan a weekend getaway with her to a nearby destination. The biggest gift you can give her is to spend time with her.

Games to Play

Although music and dance are enough to keep the party going but to really spice it up, why not play some games. Musical chairs, pass the parcel, song competition, and dumb charades are a few classic games to play. However, to take the fun quotient up, you can arrange a Karaoke night for her. Let her grab the microphone, sing her heart out loud, and enjoy the night. Or cooking class or cocktail making is also an amazing option for Mother’s Day.

The Slideshow

This is the day to thank her for all her love, care, and support. And there’s no better way to do that than to make a slideshow of special moments you have had together. Make a slideshow of your photographs together, may be at your cousin’s wedding, in the kitchen, of the picnic, and so on. Play this video during the party. This little gesture would definitely make her feel happy.

Give your mom the VIP treatment she’s been giving to you for years. It’s your time to do something for her. And throwing a party is the best way to should out loud how much you love her.

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