How to Plan a Cheap Outdoor Summer Wedding at Wedding Venues London

Summers are here in London, the nicest season of the year. There is something about summers, which attracts every couple to tie the knot outdoors. It is no surprise, then, that you would also want to tie a knot with you beloved in this season.

However, planning an outdoor wedding can be quite expensive. Right from hiring an apt wedding venue London to maintaining extravagant wedding costs, everything goes astronomical. But, there is no need to despair. We give you some ideas so that you can also hold an outdoor summer wedding this season and that too, without straining your pockets too much.

Finding the Right Venue
Primarily, searching the right venue should be your aim. A venue with a garden or with a courtyard can be the best choices. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap venues in London, where you can find either a garden or a courtyard. Moreover, some of these venues are quite economical too in comparison to clubs and halls. So, go for these venues, as they will give you an open ambience in addition to low costs. Such open, courtyard venues are also suitable to pull off an Irish wedding, with rays of sunshine making the event auspicious.

Decoration Ideas
If you have planned an outdoor wedding on budget, then you should always take into account the decoration part. Inexpensive decoration is not an impossible task. You can decorate your venue with helium balloons and for the entrance use vines and flowers. You can also paste the pictures of your family members on the archway. This will not only be light on the pocket but also give your wedding a beautiful family touch.

The Reception Part
Plan your reception party carefully. If possible, hold your reception at lunchtime instead of dinner. Order an unadorned cake and decorate it by yourself. You can also omit the champagne toast. Your guests can have a toast with their current beverages.

Hiring a Music Band?
Think twice before hiring musicians. If you have a friend who is vocally talented, ask him/her to sing for you. Your talented friends can handle the instrument part too. However, if you want to hire a music band, go for a local upcoming band. They usually charge less than the established ones. In addition to that, hire the band for the main event.

Wedding Dress
You need not pay a huge fortune for your wedding dress. There are plenty of shops in London, where you can find nice wedding dresses at affordable prices. Browsing the internet will help you a great deal in this. The local stores in the city also house a good range of delightful wedding dresses. All you need is some time to sort through the various means to find the perfect one.

Do not overshadow your wedding with the money worries. Go through these ideas, use them, and make your dream of having an outdoor summer wedding come true.

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