How to Make Your Valentine Feel Special?

Ahh…it’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day will soon be knocking the door and like every year, this time too, you want to do something special for the “someone special” in your life. Dedicate the day to the one you love and plan something exclusive for them like throwing a secret Valentine’s Day party. But that’s not all! Fill the whole day with little surprises and then end it with a bang with a big bash. Here are a surprise party ideas and little gestures to sweep him/her off their feet and recharge your love.

Before the Big Hurrah!
Throw a huge surprise party for your lover but before that plan some little surprises throughout the day to make him/her feel special and loved. How about covering the whole ceiling with heart-shaped helium balloons? Also, tie streamers to them and attach your photos at the ends. So the moment your loved ones wakes up, he knows immediately that this is his big surprise, not knowing that a lot more awaits him. What can be better way to kick-start the day than reliving the special moments of your life whilst looking at those photos.

Little Love Notes
You are always stuck in your office and other daily routines. But this is really the day everyone expects love and not receiving that on this particular day hurts the most. So make sure to cancel all your meetings and plans and spend the whole day with your loved one. And if unfortunately, you’re not able to make it, make sure to leave love notes. These little messages will make his/her day. Not an elaborate poem, but something like “By the Way, I Love You” or “I’m Blessed to Have You”. Leave them on the bathroom mirror or in the car in the parking lot to kick start their day. These love notes could also be used as hints leading them to the party venue. These little things can really make your day. Short of ideas? The Little Love Notes page at Tumblr may help you.

The Bucket List
Dedicate the day to your one and only! Plan a dream date with your other half; it won’t cost you a dime. Allow them to talk about what they want to do in life, where they want to travel, and whom do they admire the most. In the course of the year, help your partner realise those dreams. Make a bucket list of romantic things that you’d want to do together throughout the year like visiting a particular restaurant, enjoying a balloon flight, visiting Paris, and so on.

Re-Enact the First Date
Remember the first time you met? Doesn’t the memory bring a smile on your face? Relive your first date, step back in time, turn back the clock, and make your partner feel that your love for her is still as energetic as it was. It’s the best way to woo her and remind her how charming you are. It’ll definitely uncover your romantic side in front of her that was hidden in the garb of daily stresses. And don’t forget that women love men who remember the little details. It will reempha the fact that you love her so much that you still remember every moment you’ve spent together. Take her to the same place or re-enact the same things that sparked up romance on your first date.

Do Something Fun
Do something fun! Get your hearts racing by trying something thrilling together. How about taking them out for ice-skating? It’s the perfect time to support her and cuddle whilst skating on the ice hands-in-hands. You could also visit a local swimming pool to spend some time together. It will not only turn out to be romantic but will rejuvenate your partner for the rest of the day.

Couple Spa
Massage has to be a part of Valentine’s Day. Treat them to a full body massage with scented oils and lotions. It’s the perfect way to pamper them, so make sure to book a couple spa package! Just relax your body, mind, and soul together to get in the mood for the lovey-dovey day. A relaxing massage is just the thing you need, to give her the most invigorating Valentine’s Day ever.

A Getaway
Sometimes the changed surroundings can really spark up romance and love. Think of a romantic getaway, it’ll automatically boost your love life. Plan a weekend away to a romantic destination like London, Paris, or Venice. Spend time alone in your hotel room which will ease the pressure of habitual home life, giving you two a place to run wild. A romantic resort or a hotel offering views of a beach or a river will definitely get her in the mood. May be a getaway is all you need to rediscover love. It’s a perfect way to impress your Valentine. If you have time and money, don’t give it a second thought and just go for it!

The Surprise Party
Ask him/her to meet you at a restaurant to make him think that this is how you’re going to spend your day. Call them to tell that your car broke down and ask to pick you up. And then take them to the venue. Before that make sure that no decorations are visible from outside and lights are turned off. The moment your partner enters, yell “surprise”! And give your guests confetti poppers and noise makers to enhance the “surprise” effect. Invite all the couples you know who you think can show up on that day.

Venue and Decorations
Look for a romantic venue complete with pink ambient lighting and twinkle lights and live music if possible. You can even plan a karaoke for them if you see a hidden rock star. London has plenty of romantic Valentine’s party venues like romantic cruisers with Thames in the backdrop and clubs with pink mood lighting and live music. To enhance the effect, you can decorate the venue with paper heart garlands and under-table lighting to set a romantic scene. And nothing says love better than candles, so make sure to use candles and silver candelabras to create an intimate and romantic setting.

Pop the Question
If you’re planning to ask her to marry you, there’s no better day to pop the question! Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers and it would make the day even more memorable for them. Get down on one knee and propose your love to her in front of everyone in the party (only if you’re sure that she’d say yes). It’ll definitely make her feel special especially in front of friends.

Dance the Night Away
Ask your loved one for a dance. Give cuddling start to a day promising an amorous end. Ask the DJ to play their favourite song and dance the night away with her. If you want to surprise her with something special, how about learning some dance moves beforehand. The unexpected professional moves will definitely sweep her off her feet.

Valentine’s Day is a special day dedicated to lovers, so make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make your spouse feel extra special. Appreciate them for their support, care, and love which you often do not get to do. This is the best day to do just that!

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