How to Make Your Book Launch a Memorable Event in London

Book launch is the day every author awaits with increasing impatience. It is the day when the hard work of an author is exhibited in front of the world. As such, it is an event of a huge magnitude, it then becomes imperative to signify this event with some everlasting memories. It is not just about picking the best book launch venues in London and heave a sigh of relief. There are so many aspects involved in this mega event contributing to its success. Here are some ideas to make your book launch an unforgettable affair.

Set the Date Early
The first and foremost thing is to set the date at least one month in advance so that your audience can free themselves up for the event. Your whole promotion exercise will reduce to be a futile one if there is no one available at the date of the event.

Spread the Word
There is none better way to spice up the affair than promoting your book launch event in the most comprehensive manner. Advertise your event using social media and if possible involve local media too.

Choose a Venue
Venues can make or break your event. So, searching a perfect venue is a key aspect. The venue should be easily accessible not concealed behind the narrow alleys of the city. The facilities at the venue should be quite pleasing too. There are so many venues for hire in London which are conveniently placed and which are quite comforting too.

Have a Theme
Your book launch event should have a theme snugly fitted to the theme of your book. If your book is a sci-fi saga, then you can deck the venue with space ships and larger than life posters of previous sci-fi books. If your book deals with romance and the complications of it, then adorn your venue with roses and sense evoking music. In other words, the theme of your event should be in concurrence with the subject of your book.

Set a Time-Frame
Your book launch event should not exceed two hours. Anything between 90 minutes to 2 hours is desirable duration. Remember, it is a book launch event not an event to inundate your audience with rambling speeches.

Use these tips and make your book launch a remarkable affair.

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