How to Make a Bigger Impact with Small Venues in London

May be you don’t have enough budget, a special offer is available, or your heart is set on a particular small venue, whatever the reason, small event spaces are a dime a dozen. Although many small venues in London are available for hire but how do you know which is the best for your event and how do you ensure to make the most of space. You need to ensure that it doesn’t look claustrophobic and at the same time, you want to ensure everybody is comfortable on his or her seats. Consider the following points before you choose a small venue.

Seating Plan

The number of guests a venue can easily accommodate also depends upon how the chairs and tables are arranged. Reception style seating helps accommodate a large number of chairs whilst theatre style, classroom, and banquets come after that in the order. You need to have a clear view of what type of event you are hosting. Let’s take an example of Ludgate Suite at America Square Conference Centre. If it’s an annual meeting or an award ceremony, the suite can accommodate 230 people in theatre style or 250 in reception style seating. However if it’s a board meeting, the number of people it can hold up easily is 200. U shape is an alternative but it won’t accommodate more than 150 people. Seating style makes a difference so make sure to consider it before choosing a venue.


Always remember, when choosing a venue for your event, a small fluctuation in the number of guests, say from 75 to 100 can cause a change of venue. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a venue keeping in view the highest number of attendees you expect. Even if a few people don’t show up, the space will still feel occupied.


If you want to encourage people to talk and be social, make sure you provide them enough air to breathe and concentrate. Look for a venue with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Natural light is the best source as it makes small venues look and feel airy and big. After all, who wants to get stuck in a poorly-lit small venue? Alternatively, if you are hosting the event in the evening, good source of ambient lighting will set the right mood.


Don’t supply furniture more than that’s necessary as you don’t want to clog the room with unnecessary stuff. Granting you should have enough furniture for people to use. Make sure that there is enough space to move around easily especially if you want it to be a networking event. Excess of tables and chairs will create an impression of a jam-packed space.

Breakout Rooms

The best way to make sure that your venue doesn’t look cloggy is to use breakout rooms. For the networking sessions and refreshment breaks, you need to have a separate room. Experiencing different atmospheres and moving around will help people freshen up especially if it’s an all-day event. This idea will help you keep your main space crowd-free which will help make it look bigger and brighter.


Using mirrors is another option that people have been using for years to make event spaces look bigger. Although an illusion, it certainly creates an impression of a bigger room. Place mirrors on large walls and the space will look almost double the size. Even if few people show up, it would make it look full of audience.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in choosing the right small venue in London for your next event. Good wishes to host an event your guests will cherish forever!

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