How to Have the Perfect Picnic Wedding Reception in London!

How to Plan a Picnic Wedding Reception

Why do ordinary? When there are so much unique ways to plan your wedding reception. A Picnic-themed wedding can be fun, and it doesn’t need a lot of preparation (though it requires a bit inspiration). This themed wedding reception will certainly take you and your guests back in time to revisit your childhood memories. Picnic baskets, fun outdoor games, cakes, and a DIY sandwich bar are just a few things that will inspire you to have a perfect picnic wedding reception in London.

So if you loved going on picnics as a child (who didn’t), we urge you to take a look at these inspirations that will help you to add a picnic-y-touch to your wedding ceremonies.

1. In place of having reception-style seating, why not Set-up Picnic Chairs and Blankets

Picnic Wedding Chairs and Blankets

Ditch the regular, expected reception-style seating and try to set-up picnic blankets for your guests. This seating arrangement will look just wonderful and go perfect with your theme wedding. But don’t forget to arrange some chairs as there will be guests who hate sitting on the grounds.

Create Your Own Personalised Invites


Maybe you’ve searched more than thousand quotes for your wedding invite. But how about printing ‘Let’s Picnic’ on the front page of your invite? It will be a simple and amusing way to let your guests know about your wedding theme.

Instead of Courtyard or Park, hire Garden with Marquee Facility

Garden Picnic Wedding with Marquee Facility

Don’t let the uncertain weather of London spoil your wedding. Choose a wedding venue that has a Plan B option, so that you can take your entire stuff indoor if the situation comes. You and your guests can still take advantage of indoor spaces and they can be just as much fun. But make sure to decorate your venue beautifully for picnic wedding.

Flaunt Witty Signs at your Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Picnic Wedding Signs

Show the rustic wedding signs with the lines like ‘We’re So Glad That You’re Here’. These signs will not only help you to thank or welcome your guests, but also help in adding more charm to your theme. You can also use these amusing signs to guide your guests to your picnic celebration.

Serve Food in Grab-n-Go Boxes

Picnic Wedding Food

Food is the most essential part of any event, especially a picnic wedding. After enjoying a plenty of outdoor games, you and your guests are craving for delicious Picnic food. You can serve a 5-course meal buffet, but grab-n-go boxes filled with sandwiches, pork pies and scotch eggs would be better than anything.

6. Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment!

Picnic Wedding Games

Engage your guests with quirky picnic games like sack racing, jumbo scrabble, wedding wheel and darts. These games will help you transform your boring wedding to super cool celebration. Make sure to know the interest of your guests before choosing the games for the day.

Besides all that mentioned above, we would like to recommend you to arrange a pre-wedding picnic with your bridesmaids and groomsmen for a perfect wedding shoot. You can also arrange a breakfast picnic the morning of your ceremony day, if you wish to see each other before the civil procedure.

A Few Outdoor Venues in London

Barbican Centre

Old Street

The Brewery


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