How to Have an Adult Only Summer Party in London

Are you planning a fun adult summer party in London? But, not sure where to start from? You have come to right place. Here you can find some important tips and ideas to plan a fun adult party during London summers. From finalising a location to deciding themes and arranging the food, you will find everything here for your adult summer party in London.

Summer months in London bring many opportunities to have some great outdoor fun. And, there is no better way to do it than holding an unforgettable summer get-together with your friends. Summer parties in London are not just for kids. Adults can join in the fun too. So, follow these great ideas and throw a bash to remember rest of your life.

7 Types of Adult Summer Party

Pick the Best One for Your Party

Planning a fun adult summer party is not as overwhelming as you may think. Here are seven different types of party ideas that you can choose while organising a themed event in London:

1. Summer Pool PartyAn all time favourite for your summer receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, and informal gathering.
2. Christmas in July –
It is an absolute fun and easy to arrange.
3. Outdoor Barbecue –
Get your own smoking summer grills.
4. Block Party
– A great idea to kick off summers for your entire neighbourhood.
5. Party on Patio – Good food, delicious cocktails, and some adult fun
6. Dog Day Afternoon – Man’s best friends, dogs love outdoor summer parties too.
7. Beach Party – Water, babes, love, jealously, and some water games.

Decide a Party Theme

Top 5 Themes to Choose for Your Summer Bash

Kids are not the only ones who love dressing up for the parties. Organising an adult party in London needs some extra thought and planning too. Try out these fabulous theme ideas to add more fun to your all grown up bash in the capital.

1. Blast From the Past
Blast from the past costume parties are great way to bring back fashions and styles from bygone eras. Go with an era-based costume, such as ‘60s hippie, ‘70s disco, and ‘80s glam. You can even go for costumes for favourite political leaders or Hollywood actors from the past. Venture out some historical figures and dress like them to give an unusual feel to your party. Arrange some entertainment and food, strictly based on the era you choose for the party.

2. Disco
Celebrate 1970s in style by arranging a wild and crazy disco themed party in London. Ask your friends to wear bell-bottoms, huge gold chains, hot pants, polyester wraps, and leisure suits at the event. Hang plenty of disco balls from the ceiling and play some classic disco music of Lionel Richie, The Village People, Donna Summer, and others. Feast on fondue and eat some Bugles with onion dip.

3. Mexican Fiesta
Cinco de Mayo or Mexican Fiesta is one of the spiciest party themes for adult summer fun. Hang few peppers, serve classic margaritas, and you are just ready for your Fiesta fun. You can even serve some lip-smacking Mexican beers with lemons, salt, and margaritas. A taco bar, filled with cheese, salsa, and toppings is just fine for the meal. For colour scheme, use red, green, purple, orange, lime green, and yellow colours. Hang some beautiful patio lights around the dining and bar areas. You can even think of placing lighted cactus around the party area.

4. Hawaiian Luau
Summer is the best season to go Hawaiian. Place some lighted Palm trees and hang hammocks around where your guests can relax during the party. Use lot of Hibiscus flowers and hand out floral Lei’s to your friends as they arrive. Ask everyone to wear Hawaiian print shirts or attire when you send invitations. Serve a lot of tropical fruits like pineapple or roast a pig for traditional taste of Luau.

5. Arabian Nights
A mystical party theme, which will take you back to the traditional Mediterranean culture. For Arabian style decorations, dress up your venue with colourful carpets and brass fixtures. Pick some classic Arabian Nights songs to reflect the Mediterranean theme. Ask your mates to dress up in silk pants, saris, and slippers. Dance like Arabian Nights girls and enjoy eating some tasty Mediterranean food.

Venue Selection

Three Fantastic Summer Events Venue in London

Selecting a great summer party venue London is always important to plan your adult themed party. The venue adds more style and grace to your celebrations. The central part of the City features number of beautiful outdoor party venues, offering wonderful backdrop and facilities for your adult bash. Pick the best one from these venues and have a party to remember for rest of your life:

Stationers Hall
In the quiet corner of City of London, you will find a secluded garden at Stationers Hall, offering great setting to organise your adult party. Here you can select from options like a 3-hour garden canapé to a 5-hour barbecue event as per your requirements. They have an option to extend your party into the evening, where you can dance the night away with over 250 guests.

The Bank of England Sports Centre
From discos to dinner dances and delectable food, Bank of England Sports Centre has them all for your adult party. Choose from a variety of summer event spaces, including Green Room, Terrace Room, and Balcony Bar. Peaceful and picturesque location, these rooms are ideal for hosting cocktail and sumptuous dinner parties.

In and Out Club
With an amazing, secluded, and stylish courtyard in St James’s Street, In and Out Club is one of best spots to party with your friends. This courtyard is surrounded by 18th century buildings and is blessed with shades from huge plane trees. From some sparkling wines and cocktails, the staff here will arrange anything for your warm summer party in London.


Invite Your Friends to Join in Your Party

Send out invitations at least two weeks prior to your party. You have a number of ways to send fun invitations to your friends. Create online invitations at places such as, or print out one using computer software. There are number thrift or supply stores in London, where you can buy beautiful adult themed invitations too.

Party Décor

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Venue

When planning a grown-ups party, you need to choose party decorations that will light up the atmosphere and increase guests’ excitement. Good planning is the key and you can use these ideas to come with a beautiful party décor this summer:

Pick Your Style
Know what kind of party you want to have before you start choosing decorations and colours. Plan whether the event will be formal or informal. Will it be traditional or avant-garde? Is it for family or friends? All these will dictate the choice of your colour schemes and decorations.

Stick to Basics
Consider your party meal and have basic items, such as china, napkins, table linens, and crystal. Things you need to consider for decorations:

  • Have a fancy fold to make your napkin look distinctive
  • Do not clash anything with your china
  • Plastic tablecloths are perfect for informal get together
  • Outdoor parties need extra napkin and provision to cover the food

Have these items along with your china and linens to decorate your tables:

  • Flowers
  • Mirrors
  • Candles
  • Confetti
  • Napkin rings
  • Still-life arrangements of fruits

Outdoor Party Décor
An outdoor garden or courtyard takes little time to decorate. Just use few strings of lights or luminaries, draped with trees and shrubs to give a create effect to your event. Pick some natural materials like tree nuts, grasses, pinecones, and leaves to make stunning floral arrangements.

Indoor Decorations
If you are celebrating inside a closed venue, then do not just focus on the table area. Use plenty of items to decorate walls, ceilings, floor, and windows too. Balloons and streamers usually make good centrepieces as well as room decorations. Use them as thematic elements and tie them to furniture, tables, doors, and float some along the ceiling.

Summer Food Ideas

Great Food Makes Great Party

Summer is the time to grill and what’s better to have than a barbecue themed menu for your adult party. Barbecue naturally accompanies summer events. But, you need to consider few barbecue essentials when serving grilled meal to your guests:

Grilled rum and pineapple kebabs are perfect way to kick start your BBQ meal. Use fresh, local tomatoes to make salsa and serve them with tortilla chips. Here are few amazing appetizer options, which you can serve at your party:

  • Garlic shrimps
  • Garlic tomato dip
  • Avocado mango salsa
  • Peach salsa with cilantro
  • Summer cupcake soup
  • Mozzarella skewers

Main Course
Fire up the grill and make some smoky ribs, seafood, or chicken skewers. Plan a menu that is summertime favourite. The number of items on the menu will depend upon the number of guests you have invited.

  • Sweet and spicy BBQ ribs
  • Caribbean grilled chicken
  • Barbecue seafood skewers
  • Tangy grilled beef
  • Grilled lobster in basil butter
  • Pulled pork
  • Grilled portabella mozzarella veggie sandwiches
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Teriyaki grilled chicken sandwiches
  • Grilled chicken/steak burgers
  • Grilled hotdogs

Mix and match, but make sure your grills tease your guests to aroma of the food you prepare.

People at summer bash often prefer traditional salads like macaroni and potatoes. But, to make it a little bit more healthy, you can add these to your menu:

  • Tomato and lentil salad
  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Asparagus with bacon
  • Tomato and cucumber salad
  • Couscous salad with dried cranberries and pecans

Pies are all about rage at your event, and rightly so as you will find plenty of fruits during summers. Some favourite summer pies include blueberry, cherry, and peach that will make your guests keep coming back again. You can even include these items in desserts to impress your guests:

  • Summer fruit toss
  • Grilled peaches
  • Summertime delight watermelon sorbet
  • Lemon cake

Drinks at summer party are most refreshing. So, make sure you have these items on the list, while serving beverages to your guests:

  • Lemonade
  • Iced tea
  • Beer
  • Frozen summer slush
  • Summer melon smoothie

These items are must for a BBQ party menu. Along with these, have some classic BBQ sauce and dips that will add an extra punch to your party. Add some cold salads, chips, and grilled veggies to complete the menu.

Games and Activities

3 Entertaining Games and Activities For Your Bash

Fun games or activities are must for any successful summer party in London. But, grown-ups need little bit more challenges than kids’ affair. Here are few exciting party activities or games that you can include in your event:

Water Games
If you are planning an adult pool party, then include lot of fun water games. Hire a sophisticated venue with outdoor swimming pool and let your guests socialise freely. Provide some distractions like a loosely organised sexy bikini competition or belly flop to keep your friends excited. Plastic tubs of water, water canons, and water bombs are fun diversions too.

Scavenger Hunt
Split everyone into groups of four. Tell each team to travel to different places of the venue and collect as many items as they can. Hand every team a list of items and ask them to collect them in a bag. Every group must come back within 1 hour and the team that is late finishes last.

Dance Moves
No summer bash is complete without dancing. And, what’s better to have it than organising the dance move game. For a fun filled evening, try one of the many dance games available in the market. You can even turn on the TV to dance on the tunes of many dance songs. This game helps your guests to have a blast, while burning some calories.

When planning an adult party in London, make sure you follow these tips. These fabulous ideas will give you a chance to enjoy best of summers with your friends and family.

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