How to Handle Guests Who Have Had Too Much Alcohol

Alcoholic Guest

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or an intimate gathering, an over-served guest can mess up an event more than a rainy afternoon. You must be searching ‘Is there any way to keep the guests from abusing the open bar or taking over your well-planned wedding affair?’ The first and only prevention way that comes to your mind would be not to invite them, but this sounds a little unfriendly.

So, either you should forget about every family member who’s suffering from headache due to these guests, or you should make some smart decisions to deal with them. Some party organizers don’t mind about these inebriated guests, but if the event is important like wedding, it becomes necessary to make some clever moves. Here are some useful ideas that can help you to carry out the event unscathed without being worried.

Look for a Watcher

If you’re familiar with your out-of-control drunken wedding guests, ask your colleagues or groomsmen to be their babysitter during the occasion. These people can assist them to the washroom, even outside or away from the ceremony if required. They can also assist them getting a cab at the end of the evening. If you’re not sure to find appropriate observers, then you can also consider serving lighter alcohols like scotch, champagne, or beer.

Pay No Attention, Act When Necessary

Imagine your inebriated guest comes as a surprise, right at the time when you are exchanging vows with your partner. It looks weird, but you may need to act properly. Shrugging your shoulders is one of the best ways to ignore your inebriated guests. Just remember, they are too inebriated and any effort you make to stop them may actually call more attention. Just calm yourself down and keep in mind that most people are drinking in the spirit of your event and possibly your friend’s as well. Ask your close friend to assist them, and make a decision whether you want to ask them to leave. And make sure you let your friend know to arrange a taxi for them.

Recruit the Bartender for Help

The person serving drinks at a bar is in charge of managing the liquor, so request him to give attention on the guests and shut off the bar if the guests look like they have had too much. But, don’t forget to take help of the security members to avoid a guest from starting a dispute with the bartender. If it’s a formal event, then let the guards escort the inebriated guest away before he creates a scene at the bar.

It’s sometimes a challenge to deal with an inebriated buddy or family member. But, you need to be polite while conversing with them and informing them how imperative it is to you that they stay on their best behaviour. You can follow these ideas that will help you to handle a drunken guest with smile.

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