How to Decorate Your Birthday Venue in London

Who cares whether you are 5 or 50, celebrating another year of your life is something you always love. And finally, when you are celebrating, it will be incomplete without a great party decor. Isn’t it? However, if money burns a whole in your pocket, you just need to be little creative to use some simple and plain materials that can ultimately turn out to be wonderful party decorators.

Although, balloons and streamers are the most common decorative items, you can use some trendy and cool ways to decorate your birthday venues in London. Here, we bring you a sorted list of ideas for you special day.

The Usual Balloons Decor with a Twist

Birthday celebration is incomplete without balloons hovering at the venue. Entrance can be best decorated with balloons with your distinguished creativity. Check out the list of some ingenious ideas and make sure you design your venue accordingly to see the best results.

Idea 1

How about entering a room full of family and friend’s photographs hanging from helium balloons to create a chandelier over the tables. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. To get a brief idea, check out the picture below.

Idea 2

Create a garland and dangle it on the windows or simply make a pillar of balloons. You can also tie few colourful balloons on the knobs and handles too.

Idea 3

Have you ever thought of creating flowers or big cup cakes with balloons? This type of decor is quite trendy these days at the venues.

You will find abundant range of astounding venue options in the central area of the city where you can arrange for a fabulous birthday party. Outdoor venues like The Conservatory and Garden and The Pebbled Outdoor Space, Boat venues like West End on Thames and HMS President are some of the most fascinating party options for birthday parties in London.

Idea 4

To make the decor more interesting, draw funny faces on balloons according to different themes like Pac-Man, Ben10, Power Puff Girls, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess and more. You can also, hang up some creatively designed donut or fruit shaped confetti balloons for your party.

Now, what all can you do with the Streamers?

Plain straight line streamers are super common and boring. Aren’t they? So, check out some marvellous streamer ideas and design something unique for your special evening.

Wind, twist or braid the streamers to come up with an innovative look. Join the streamers in clusters and allow them to drop all over the venue. You can choose the best look and ask the venues to replicate the same for you birthday party. However, most of the venues at are devised with such beautiful interiors that you may not even wish to make any changes.

Ahem...The Theme Makes it Look Good!

Theme parties are quite in style and party venues in London provide you with best themed decors for birthdays as well as other occasions. If it’s a kid’s birthday party, decorate the venue according to themes like Winnie the Poo, Alice in the Wonderland and Animal Safari. Use some interesting wall papers that include main characters of the respective stories. Dress you little one as a princess or Christopher Robin to add some charm to the event.
Even if you are arranging this birthday party for an adult, don’t go any further as we have another list coming up your way.

Hawaiian Luau Party

Make your next birthday bash a true tropical dream by hiring a Hawaiian themed venue in London. Kanaloa is one of the best Hawaii venues located at High Holborn in London. It boasts beautiful beach decor with vibrant surroundings, fresh flowers and much more making it most popular venue among adults. You can also pick from wide range of other venues and modify the venue interiors as per Hawaiian theme decorating it with beach balls, plastic palm trees and grass skirts.

Nightclub or Casino Party

How about enjoying celebrations at a dynamic nightclub venue in London. You can browse our handpicked range of birthday party venues and arrange for such get-together in London. To help you with the same, we suggest enquiring now about the Club Ten at Grange St. Paul’s that offers a perfect setting for evening events and private hire.

Historic Era

If you want to add some ancient flavour to your party, go for a venue like Medieval Banquet. This historic themed venue will take you back to the middle age era offering performances, entertainment and much more.

Sometimes Table Decor Can do Wonders

When it comes to decorate your party tables, you might feel a little short of ideas. Well, you don’t have to worry as we have a sorted list for you.

Idea 1

How about Edible Decor? Interesting...isn’t it? Adorn party tables with citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and a huge water melon in between as a centre piece. Place the lemon leaves all around the table randomly on ivory-coloured cloth. This style of table decor will compliment the most, if you are planning a Hawaiian themed party.

Idea 2

Flowers and Candles!!! What could be more beautiful than fresh blossoming flowers mixed with dazzling candles? There are specific types of flowers that define each month of the year. Choose flowers according to your birthday combined with crystal vases or hand-painted vessels. Order for pretty carnations in January, Roses for June or Asters for September.

Idea 3

Sweet Candy Bar...Ah...sounds good. Transform parry tables into a vivacious candy bar using jelly beans, chocolate sticks, rock candy sticks, lollipops and much more. Place apothecary jars that can hold colourful gumdrops and gumballs.

Nevertheless, if you are still short of some creative ideas, hiring an innovative event planner is a suitable option.

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