How to Decorate a London Boat Venue for Your Wedding

A boat or a ship is a luxurious venue for your wedding. It is sophisticated and helps you to add more glamour to your summer wedding. Transforming a boat into a romantic wedding venue requires a different though process from that of decorating on land. But, it is not as challenging as you may think.

Things You Must Know
The City of London features few spectacular boat or ship venues, where you can arrange your dream wedding. These boats contain many same elements of a land-based wedding. You can utilise items, such as arches, stands, candles, and more on them. Dress up these items with streamers, flowers, sashes, and other floral elements to make your event look fantastic.

Decorating a Boat
1. Get an idea of exact dimensions of party space before you hire a boat venue in London. Ask in-house team to provide you correct measurement of the usable space for decorations.
2. Find out the place where your ceremony will take place. Whether you prefer an indoor or an outdoor space, tell your requirements in advance.
3. For your ceremony, install a raised platform made of plywood and beams. Make sure the plywood measures either ½ inch or ¾ inch, while beams are 4-by-4.
4. Place plenty of aromatic candles and standing bouquets around the platform. See if you can erect an arch on the upper deck. Set floral bouquets and candles on stands with wide bases.
5. Attach streamers, sashes, and balloons to rails with wire or string. Highlight sashes with pinned flowers or corsages. Take this theme idea indoors and decorate the function rooms using these items.
6. Keep in mind the space from where your guests may be passing. Boats can be small and may get crowded easily. So, be mindful of placing decorations, giving more space to your guests to gather for the ceremony.

Tips and Suggestions
• Keep your wedding decorations to minimum, as a boat venue provides natural backdrop to your ceremony.
• Secure decorations using additional tape, wire, or string to avoid them fall in the river.
• Plan ahead of time and tell your guests to be prepared an unusual boat treat at your wedding.

Use these ideas and advices to have a wonderful wedding ceremony and reception on London boat venues. You can always pick from top venues, such as HMS Belfast, HQS Wellington, and HMS President for your wedding.

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