How to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 in London

Chinese New Year 2014 will be the year of horse, and as per Chinese Mythology wealth, happiness, intelligence, and longevity are 2014’s hallmark. Whether you belong to China or just want to be a part of 2014’s New Year celebrations, host a party in London that you can remember for rest of your life.

In London, you will find a variety of party venues where you can arrange a grand Chinese New Year celebration. These best party venues London have enough space and arrangements to make sure that your celebrations from 31st January 2014 to 2nd February 2014 go on smoothly. But, if you are worried about the ideas to celebrate Chinese New Year in London, then these tips will be perfect for your party:

Follow Traditions and Beliefs
To have an authentic Chinese New Year celebration, you need to follow certain traditions and beliefs as the Chinese do. New Year is one of the most crucial holidays in China, and people there prepare for it with extra care. To feel the festive spirit, you must follow these common traditions:

  • Do not clean up your home after Chinese New Year Day. You will take away the good luck offered by New Year.
  • Open doors and windows of your home. It brings back luck and prosperity.
  • Wear all red for New Year.
  • Do not use black and white colours. Black is a symbol for bad luck, while white is for death.
  • Use bright lights and Chinese lanterns.
  • Eat sweets just before New Year to have sweet year ahead of you.

When you invite people to your party, make sure they take off their shoes. Ask them to walk softly into the party hall for a smooth transition to a New Year.

Go For Oriental Decorations
You cannot have a perfect Chinese New Year party in London without planning the right oriental decorations. You have to dress up London venues in a way that they look more festive and awesome. Here are few ideas that you can use to decorate the party space:

  • Red is the festive colour for your celebrations. It symbolises luck and you must use red colour as main motif for your celebrations. You can even spice it up with other colours, such as gold and silver.
  • Go for usual party décor, including balloons, confetti, and streamers. They will come under your budget and are flexible decoration choices.
  • Line up traditional Chinese paper lanterns around the venue, as they bring light and luck to your party.
  • Use bunch of colourful flower garlands and put them around the door, mantel, and tables.
  • Put lot of oranges and lemons in clear glass bowls and use them as table centrepieces.
  • Buy posters of Chinese zodiac and paste them on the walls.
  • You can even use a traditional Chinese calendar to add more appeal to your décor.

These tips and suggestions will give you a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year in a more authentic way. Hire any London party venues of your choice and have these kinds of celebrations in 2013.

We have a list of amazing party spaces, which you can check by clicking here. Hurry only limited spaces left for Chinese New Year in London. Most of these venues are located within the city, making it easy to party all night after you attend the parade at Trafalgar Square.

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