How to Budget Your Wedding like a Pro

In London, an average cost splurged by a couple on a wedding is well over £25,000. But, it doesn’t mean you need to blow your hard earned savings to have the best day ever. There are many ways to slash your wedding budget, no matter how grand or petite your celebration might be. A few adjustments can make your big day a lot less expensive. The key to budget your dream wedding is to have a proper and calculated planning. Here is a complete checklist that can help you to plan what to put in your initial budget plan and how to save on your wedding.

First, The Planning

1) Spot All Areas of Overheads
First thing, weddings are about more than just a venue hire. So, get ready to categorize all areas of expenses to get a hit of a proposed expense. List all the elements to see exactly how much money you need to start your love life without breaking the bank.

Following are some of the chief things in a wedding that you should include:

  • Venue hire, catering, number of guests, decoration, parking fee, liquor/beverage, and gratuity
  • Payments to wedding planner, photographer, florist, and DJ or Live Band
  • Costs of wedding attire (from hats to heels), cake, transportation, and wedding favours
  • Fees for printing invitations, thank-you notes and other paper elements
  • Miscellaneous expenses include marriage license, prenuptial agreement, and wedding consultant

2) Be Realistic, when it comes to Budget
If you have, your heart set on a specific film star dress, vintage champagne and five-star honeymoon, then why not get in touch with all those vendors to get a sense of their fees. This early fact-finding will help you to get a more exact estimate of how much your dream wedding will cost. Sit down with your parents or grandmother and start noting down all areas of spending. Your parents can help you to trim your wedding budget and it is up to you to save or splurge.

3) Stay Social and Save Money
It seems impossible that you can keep track of your entire wedding budget so you know where almost every pound is going. But, there are a number of Android and iPhone apps available that can money issues much simpler to manage. The apps featured here are some of the worth downloading to your phone that will help you to ease some of the stress of your wedding planning.

  • Wedding Budget: Manage wedding expenses and put together your to-do list are just a few features of this app. From church to the car, this Android app will help you in managing all tasks by keeping you on track and avoid you from getting lavish.
  • Wedding Party: This app has earned 4.5 star reviews from over a thousand users in the android market. Though you will not make the most of this app for wedding planning, you will simply get access to see your big day from the eyes of your guests. Once your guests have downloaded this app, they can share the beautiful memories of your wedding occasion with you.
  • Wedding Happy: Easy to use, Wedding Happy is a great app designed to help with all the preparations for your big day celebration. All you need to do is to enter your wedding date and the app will show you the to-do list for all your wedding with a dashboard indication available at all times.

Second, Trimming Your Budget

Just for the sake of one day, you don’t need to spend more than your credit limit. Here are some of the essential ways that will help you to save on your budget:

1) Follow Martin’s Money Mantras
If you want to have a perfect wedding while staying on a budget, then these money mantras will help you to go a long way. Whether you want to shop for wedding accessories or buy a gown for your big day, these mantras will help you to stay on budget of every step of your wedding. To follow them, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you buy anything.

  • Do I want this?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Have I compared the price anywhere else?

If any question pops a ‘NO’, then you should better look for another option.

2) Narrow down your Guest List
Narrowing down the guest list is the one of the most essential ways to plan your wedding on a budget. Kids and co-workers are some of the people that can avoid. Invite a limited number of guests, like your close friends, family members, and colleagues.

3) Wow Venue on a Budget
Opt for a quirky venue that can accommodate both your wedding ceremony and reception. This way, you will be able to save a great bunch of money on rental fees, decoration, and guest transportation. Unusual museums, vintage churches, and river cruises are some of the wedding ceremony venues that offer a wonderful backdrop for your wedding. And the best part is that they are not too expensive as compared to five-star hotels and livery halls. Besides, try to select your wedding date on the weekdays, as this will help you to save on the wedding venue.

4) Food and Drink
Food and cocktails are one of the major expenses where couples go over budget. Organizing a sit-down or a la carte meal for your guests looks perfect, but it costs the most. Instead, why not go for a buffet catering or hog roasts that can be just as perfect as well as being far reasonable.

For cocktail menu, choose wine and beer only. Champagne, martinis, real ales are the expensive options, but if the venue allows you to buy your own booze than you add them into your menu. Many budget-conscious couples choose to serve a Signature Drink instead of offering a full bar.

Additional Tip: You usually need to offer a feast for the photographer, wedding bands, and other volunteers, so ask your caterer if he can arrange a reasonable option, like fish and chips for them.

5) Use Cake for Desserts
Once you are over with your cake-cutting ceremony, consider serving the wedding cake as dessert, to avoid paying for sweet dishes. Besides, you can save a stash of cash by choosing a simple sponge cake instead of buying dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling. But, if you wish for an elegant cake, then you can consider buying three small cakes. One stylish chocolate cake is for your ceremony and two simple ones are for serving the guests.

6) Say Yes to Homemade or DIY Favours
Why not give out something that your guests will actually want. Personalized Lip Balm, Jar of Jam, Water Bottles, Coffee Beans, and Succulents in Tea Cups are some of the homemade favors that you can consider for your guests. These favors are not only cheaper, but they also add a nice touch to the wedding.

7) DJ v/s Live Band
For your big day, remember that a DJ can be a more reasonable option as compared to a band. But, a live band can be a highlight of the celebration. To book a live band on a budget, keep away from hiring two bands and paying two separate fees. Just request your band to play a few pieces during the wedding ceremony and a couple of tracks at the reception.

This complete guide will help you in the wedding planning; the savings will definitely assist you to go a long way as they can cover any unpredictable costs that could take place during your wedding occasion.

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