How to Attract Sponsors for Your Business Event

Business event

At times, getting funding from corporations is needed to put together a successful event. When it comes to planning a corporate event, whether it’s a small firm or a large, the importance of sponsors cannot be underestimated. For a majority of companies, organizing a business event is the only way to attract and retain the attention of potential sponsors.

However, an enterprise can damage its reputation if it does not able to attract or retain its sponsors the right way. Your business has to create a prospect list of warm leads, plan a strong proposal, and ultimately convincing them to support your cause or agenda. Following are some of the ways to catch the attention of sponsors for your business event.

Be Distinctive

Think out-of-the-box and come up with a proposal that differentiates from your counterparts. Inevitably, you need to do deep soul searching about what your competitors are actually offering. Try to keep your presentation lively enough – and creative enough – to meet these types of situations that set you apart as an outstanding entrepreneur.

Give Great Discounts

The most effective way to attract or retain a sponsor is to give them a bulk discount on tickets if acquired via your online event ticketing software. These sponsors could use these discounts to give their staff lower cost tickets, or to ensure that top management of their company can easily attend.

Evaluate Benefits from a Sponsor’s Point of View

It is imperative to know what your event will deliver to your sponsors. You have to realize the benefits from a sponsor’s point of view, before you approach any one of them. But, if you’re organizing an event for a charitable cause, then your proposal should appeal the representatives’ emotions.

Go Social

Advertising your sponsors on your social media channels is much more credible and has a greater impact. Illustrate them where and how their brands will come into view and how soon you can talk about them through your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Besides, you can also tell about any other channel where you can do link-building for their businesses.

Meet in person

After making some efforts, you have finally found the right person to approach in the company. Request him to attend the meeting with you, as it can help you to achieve your marketing goals. For the duration of the meeting, have open-ended questions about your sponsor’s objectives and funding priorities.

Advertise their Brands at the Event

No doubt, your sponsors would like to know how you will advertise their brands during your event. Portable display banners, flags, pavement signs, and folding displays are just a few things that you can use to display their logos and company information in a program. You can also use verbal announcements that will help increase exposure of that sponsor during the event, and this can be an influential motivator for them to pay funds for your event.


Last and the most important, don’t forget to drop an e-mail that will talk about what worked well and what could be improved. Besides, you need to write a thank-you note along with documentation that includes pictures, facts and figures of the event.

All these ideas will help you to attract your sponsors and keep them interested in your event for succeeding years.

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