How Samantha Organised A Game of Thrones Inspired Office Party in London

One fine day, Samantha, a perky and petite professional, was given the task of organising an office party. She wanted to do something totally different and never-seen-before. Perhaps give a quirky and peculiar touch to the event, something that everyone would remember forever. Since she had heard her office colleagues gush about the latest season of HBO’s most popular fictional series, Game of Thrones, she was awe-struck with an amazing idea. “A Game of Thrones themed party would totally floor everyone!” she crooned to herself! Driven with palpable zeal and enthusiasm, she envisaged the entire evening, and fervently explained the concept to her boss. However, she missed one little tiny-miny detail!

You wouldn’t want to miss their conversation:

comic strip conversation between boss and employee regarding organising unique office party

Nonetheless, Samantha was still unstoppable! She thought figuring out a venue wouldn’t be such a hard task. As the boss excused himself, she ravaged through her contacts, trying to find a fitting option. She was certain to find a unique venue at best prices, one that is readily available and ready to accommodate the quirky expectations.

The situation obviously got tense when she could not find just the right venue. She shortlisted a few of the venues, but eventually nothing worked out. Some were not available on the required dates, while others quoted far too high a price. And the remaining had no provisions for such peculiar requirements. One little detail that she had chosen to neglect, was now hanging across her neck like an albatross. Lucky for her, she had a friend come right in time, and refer her to the right place (we hope!!!).

comic strip conversation regarding finding the perfect unique venue in London for office party

Apparently, a good venue finder site is all that you need to get through the day. For Samantha, The City Collection worked because it caters to the very specific demands from the clients; especially when it comes to organising unusual business parties.

Since London, owing to her rich history, is home to a number of unique spaces, it is easier for to find you just the right venue. Besides, owing to our industry-specific experience spanning over 7 years, we have a good working rapport with London’s top class events and party spaces. Our venue experts take personal interests in your queries. We get excited when you share with us your “out of the box” ideas. And with a redesigned website, we now make the search rather simple for you to find the precise option that you are looking for. is a venue finder site in London, providing the unqiue conference and party venues in a jiffy

From aesthetically preserved ancient monuments to landmarks, museums, rooftop spaces and more, you would find a delectable range of innovative venues here. You can rely on us for finding exciting and truly unique party spaces in London. Plan the groovy funky party of your dreams, while we take care of the logistics for you. Besides, we also bring you a carefully handpicked selection of London’s unique conference venues flaunting a wow factor.

It is time to up the Ante; to break-out of the usual norms! If you are looking for invigorating options to put forth a delightful experience of an event, contact us! Just drop in a brief enquiry and we shall take it forward from there.

Best Unusual Venues for Parties

Grand Connaught Rooms

61-65, Queen Street

The Brewery


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