How does it feel to find the Perfect London Venue?

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Who doesn’t love London parties? But do you know who loves them more? People who manage to find their ideal London venues. Along with numerous venues for hire in London, the City Collection brings you more today. Read on for a soulful and crazy insight into what it feels like to book your favourite party venue in London. Try not to cry:

1. “Is it Really True?”

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Yes! Overcome with initial disbelief and self doubt, one is bound to go through the denial at first. You will not be able to believe that you have really found ‘the one’. In order to get back to reality, bite your finger or pinch someone else to get a slap back. We highly recommend the latter one, always works.

2. The Day Dreaming

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As the realisation settles in, you start to reach a mental elation, filled with the possibilities of planning at the venue. This mental elation can be alarming to outside observers, but worry not! It’s all about a little 24x7 party going on in your mind, to have found your dream venue. This feeling can be checked with certain symptoms like loud greetings, smiling at strangers, and finding party supplies ideas everywhere, even at a hardware store!

3. “Can this be used at the venue?!”

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By this point, the second stage overflows into the third where everything around you becomes about your venue. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the planning NEVER STOPS!

4. “I got to stop thinking!”

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There are just a few words to illustrate to the reader what this feels like:

Venue! Party! Venue! Party! Venue! Party! Venue! Party...

Do this 120 times in an hour and you’ll know what this feels like.

5. “Why is it over already?!”

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“Yay! My day has finally arrived”. Few hours later...

“Blimey! Is my party over already? Why! Why me!”

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With this, we would like to say a silent prayer in the air for all those who went through sleepless nights, chewed pillows, and nail biting while planning their party. But hey! Who doesn’t love London parties?

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