Hottest Wedding Themes for 2014 in London

Is your wedding scheduled for 2014? And, you looking for an idea that is not only alluring but also innovative? Four seasons and Lady Mary’s wedding in Downtown Abbey 3 has dominated the wedding scene this year in London, but what about the next year! Looking at the trends, the next year would be full of unique and cutting-edge themes. Here are the top 4 themes which experts consider as the hottest ones for 2014:

Wedding at the most unusual venue with adventurous backdrop like the city skyline coupled with exaggerated decor are the prime ingredients of this idea.

Theatrical, peculiar venues with extremely high-ceilings and exotic backdrop of either sea or space all around them make for the ideal ones. In addition to this, roaring open log fires and some extremely dramatic performances like karaoke by bride and groom themselves at the wedding reception add up to the theme.


Exaggerated floral decorations all around the venue combined with thousands of beads and ribbons hanging off the door ceiling. Coloured light bulbs all around and the night completed with thrilling fireworks

Exchanging vows with symbolic ceremonies are gaining ground and are slated to be a major wedding theme next year. One of the most important symbolic ceremonies is sand one. During this, the bride and groom take turns and pour coloured sand into a glass vase in front of the guests symbolising their union. The glass vase is then kept as a keepsake.

You can choose any London venue of your choice as the ceremony can be performed at your desired place. Still places with a garden are the most preferred ones.

Coloured sands sprinkled all over the venue would be an extremely alluring idea. Chinese lanterns will be the perfect symbolic finale for the wedding. Ask your guests to write their messages before your bride and you send those lanterns up in the air.

Mix and Match
The confluence of two or more major ideas contributes to this one. For example, an unimaginable mix of the Great Gatsby with Asian theme or roaring 20s with the Rock n Roll era of 50s.

An equally quirky venue will complement the theme quite well. How about exchanging vows at a venue with a tropical garden?

Personalised cake toppers and the wedding venue brimming with medieval-looking signposts guiding your guests sounds exotic. Forget about the traditional wedding shoes and opt for vibrantly coloured ones to amplify the theme. Having the wedding place painted with mismatched colour combination will do the task as well.

Green weddings with the rusticity of nature forming the backdrop of your wedding are the one of the hottest themes of this year and is expected to be a ‘must-have’ in the next year too! A natural backdrop with complementary decorations will do the trick.

Woodlands or venues with gardens are the best choices.

Greenery should dominate the scene; keep green bulbs and green lanterns all around your wedding venue in London. Spread rose petals all over the place and arrive at the wedding on an eco-friendly carriage like a horse cart or even on a cycle!

In addition to these, there are other wedding ideas too that seem to dominate the trends in the city next year. Pick the most appropriate theme for your wedding and let the affair be truly unforgettable.

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