Historic Venues in London

Grand occasions call for grand venues and London’s rich past connotes the city never falls short of venues steeped in history and elegance. Domed ceilings, gleaming chandeliers, marble pillars, and even stonewalls, these historic halls bestow that sophistication to your event that you’re after. The grandeur of the setting and genteel staff are sure to make guests have the best event experience ever. Not to mention, plenty of elite Londoners and outsiders have picked these sites as their event locales, from wedding receptions to award ceremonies.

Inner Temple
London abounds in places that make you feel like royalty. And Inner Temple is one such place. One of the ancient Inns of Court, this 14th century venue would be the most elegant choice for your special celebrations. It has one of the finest ballrooms in London exuding history and romance. Arrange your vintage or Victorian wedding in its exclusive setting. The venue also boasts civil licence and an award winning marquee garden spanning over 3 acres. Your event is sure to be a huge success here.

Barber Surgeon’s Hall
Barber Surgeon’s Hall occupies one of the city’s supreme locations just off London Wall. The design and feel is modern yet the venue oozes antiquity, home to Worship Company of Barbers dating back to 1440s. The centrepiece of the venue is the Great Hall complete with elaborate ceilings, wood panelling, and large windows. But the Reception Room, Charter Room, and Court Room are equally alluring. The terrace spans views of a tranquil garden with a section of the historic Roman Wall, creating an impressive historic setting.

Tallow Chandlers Hall
Oynters built this grand and glorious hall in 1300. It’s long past gives it an old-world charm not available in contemporary venues in London. However, being a historic venue doesn’t mean it’s short of modern features. Tallow Chandlers Hall blends the modern with the ancient seamlessly, where you’ll find antique paintings and large plasma screen hung on the wall together. The hall refurbished in 1672 retains some of its original features. Perfect for intimate dinners, the hall can easily seat up to 120 guests in reception style arrangement.

HMS Belfast
British history doesn’t just reside in halls and palaces but on the water too. If one thing that has accompanied London from the creation as an eternal lover, it’s Thames. And hosting an event on Thames itself can be the most memorable experience. HMS Belfast is an ex-Navy cruiser now serving as a unique museum and party venue. Why not enjoy history and hospitality in naval style. Take your guests on-board the ship and party with panache. The venue has both indoor as well as Quarterdeck for hire. Each of its rooms exudes naval charm whilst the Quarterdeck allows you to party under the glittering night sky of London with popular landmarks on the backdrop.

Tower of London
Enjoy a perfect blend of hospitality and history at Tower of London. A royal residence, a fortress, and a place of execution, Tower of London has played many roles in its long history of 1000 years. And hosting an event in its premises is truly a privilege. Take your party behind the fortified stonewalls of this lavish historic tower, promising an extraordinary backdrop to your event. Medieval Palace offers unrivalled views of Thames whilst the White Tower offers a unique setting chockfull of historic artefacts. Your guests will do nothing but admire.

Goldsmith Hall
There aren’t many places on earth where one can feel like Rose the descending stairs in Titanic. But Goldsmith Hall is one of the few that offer this experience. It’s an existing replica of the phrase “Old is Gold”. Stunning gold leaf ceiling, Corinthian pilasters of scagliola, and English Crystal chandeliers, each with 478 candles, The Livery Hall is truly a delight to see. Imagine hosting an evening reception or dinner under the glistening light of twinkling candles. The Court Room also features oak panelling.

London is the centre of British Empire and is blessed with a lot of amazing historic spaces to make your event stand apart. All you need to do is choose the right one as per your budget and style.

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