Top 5 Beyond Ordinary Venues in London

unusual party venues in london

London has a panorama created with its culture and a historical past. It is best utilised for the spirit of partiers and people looking for leisure on vacation. So as you start brooding the possibilities of which venue you can opt for in London, have a look at this article, yapping about the most fabulous party venues this city has. Have a look at the spaces, which even mark a presence in the world’s collection of top venues. Check out these exotic London venues surfacing anywhere but not the land! Yes, you read it Right! Find out where you can host a worth-remembering event for your special guests.

Club Ten
club ten grange st. pauls hotel unusual venue in london
Club Ten is a vivacious party venue, located three floors down the ground level. Being a private member’s club, it serves everything from a plush dining, drinking, to live music. With emblematic and exotic ambience, the Club Ten has a spark that can trigger the fun in ravishing parties at night. Besides that, you can have a memorable evening with drinks and dance. It is a fabulous venue with perfect service and minimum requirement of decorations props. If you are planning a Disco Party, then no other place is better than this.

HMS President
HMS president boat venue in london
HMS President is an on-float venue that shines on the scintillating waters of River Thames. It graces the Thames as the people enjoy and carouse in the party. Have a most exotic time on HMS President during evening parties or on a sunny afternoon with BBQ-themed celebration or a wine tasting event under the sun.

Tower Bridge and Walkway
tower bridge and walkway party venue in london
Several feet above the ground, the Tower Bridge has a remarkable presence. It brings a thrilling view from such height, while you indulge in merriment. The mesmerising London attraction, joining the two banks of River Thames, Tower Bridge and Walkway offers an excellent view to the partiers. It has three options with the room type and you are free to choose the best as per your requirements and needs.

Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace
skyline suite and terrace garden- grange st. pauls hotel in london
Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is high above the ground, which is almost sky high, offering awe-inspiring views across the city. It is an impressive choice for a corporate dinner with the delegates. And it can be a fairy tale space to throw a surprise party for your lady and make her feel special amongst all. You don’t necessarily have to be a prince to execute such plan and make your lady feel special. You just need the right knowledge to plan things and selecting the right venue, and give shape to your ideas.

The West End on Thames
west end on thames for hire in london
The West End on Thames is another escape gate from the city chaos, in the middle of the river Thames, ideal for hosting both corporate and private events. We bet you cannot find anything better than this to host a spring celebration or summer party. This is another floating space that has witnessed numerous corporate meets and events along with some unusual parties. You can hire it for a gathering of as many as 350 people, who will certainly have a time of their lives.

All these venues are a major fascination for partiers, who always look forward to celebrate it a little different from the usual. What adds to the value of these venues is being popular among the travellers in London, who earnestly look up to be here. So grab your party spirits, mix it with the enthusiasm of celebrating on the water, in the air, beneath the Earth, and..

Well, Happy Partying!

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