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While organising a meeting in London, go epic or go back home. If your meetings are not working that well, a lack of an appropriate corporate venue is perhaps the reason. You see, it is all about making that first impression. The first three seconds are all that you get to strike the right chord. Otherwise, try as you may, cracking that deal or winning an important negotiation would always be difficult.

hire meeting rooms in central london and city of london

Hence, as your trusted venue expert in London, we at Thecitycollection.org, bring you a fine collection of best meeting rooms available all across the capital. Sit back and relax, as we have got London covered for you.

Top Meetings Rooms Central London

If it is not Central London, where else would you hold that important meeting? The lanes of Trafalgar Square and Midtown have got history written all over. And we bring you the top most meeting spaces in Central London that you can rent under a budget. So plan a meeting at a venue overlooking Trafalgar Square, or one in the quiet and sophisticated lanes of Bloomsbury. We suggest, you pick!

In and Out - St. James’s Square

hire naval military club in & out london venue for conference and meetings at Thecitycollection.org

Right at the heart of Central London is the Old Naval Military Club – the In & Out venue, your perfect choice for an enigmatic Central London meeting. Flaunting a rich history, the venue is flexible enough to hold a vivid range of high end events. Located right in the vicinity of Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus, the dynamic venue brings about a wealth of flexibility and sophistication to your AGMs. You can hire the al fresco outdoor spaces to savour summertime, or opt for a strictly professional indoor event. This Grade II listed establishment we well equipped to turn your vision of a meeting successfully into reality.
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ICO Conference Centre - City of London

ico conference centre hire privately for conferences and meetings

Manicured with a vital blueprint of corporate culture and idealism, ICO Conference Centre offers extensively formal ambience for meetings. Impress your clients with thought provoking presentations complimented by the striking architecture of the venue and crack the deal! It was originally purpose-built by United Nations and is decked up with every facility and equipment. With state-of-the-art arena and award winning conveniences, it caters up to 260 delegates and offers translation facilities for 5 languages. Let the urbanity of one of the top meeting rooms in Central London dwell everyone with the essence of innovations and ideas for superior business.
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Hallam Conference Centre - Hallam Street

meetings spaces in central london Hallam conference centre at thecitycollection.org

One of London’s finest conference venues, Hallam Conference Centre has been a proud host for many successful events. Plan your next meeting in London at this fabulous conference centre and let your colleagues dwell in the professional feel. Keeping in view the basic necessities for a meeting, the venue is equipped with all necessary services. Make your presentations more interactive and easy to remember with the use of state-of-the-art amenities like recording equipment, projection systems and PA systems. One can also get easy access to Rich media and web streaming services to add more to the meeting. And, who would not like good refreshments after the meeting? Hallam Conference Centre always keeps a check for that too.
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Meeting Rooms City of London
Let us be honest here. City of London is THE DESTINATION for businesses sprawling in London. If you wish to go big, you need a meeting space in the City. And rightly so, the Eastern Central region of London has packed some of the best options for you. Besides, we at The City Collection cover the City like no one else does. Right, the name suggests the same, we know! You cannot really go wrong, given the strategic reach of this area. Hence, select from our top picks, and have a ravishing meeting assured in every way for success! You may also want to have a look at 6 of the best conference venues located in the City of London.

The City of London Club - Old Broad Street

hire city of london club for creative unusual meetings in london

A definitive meeting venue, the City of London Club enjoys a cult following in the city. Recognised for playing perfect host to a wide gamut of corporate events, the venue is up for private hire. You can turn your dream meeting into reality via multi-faceted features of this space. With spacious roof terrace also being the part of the venue, it holds remarkable provision for rendering perfect justice to significant meetings and conferences. You can also have the venue for planning summertime parties and other casual laidback events. Brief us about your requirements and have the venue ready for you!
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America Square Conference Centre - 17, Crosswall

America Square Conference Centre up for private hire for meetings and conferences and other corporate events

A magnificent corporate venue with imprints of Romanian history offers an ideal place for a meeting in London. The peaceful ambience and refined interiors of America Square Conference Centre allows up to 270 guests to comfortably attend the meeting. The red chairs usher a sense of uniqueness, passion and dynamism for professionals, thus don’t be surprised to get numerous ideas during meetings. To keep aside the boring aura of the corporate meetings, one can chose a favourable suite for meetings and host an interesting event. This contemporary conference centre is equipped with voting systems, translation facility, video conferencing and many more amenities.
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Mermaid Conference and Events Centre - Puddle Dock Blackfriars

creative meeting space mermaid conference centre in river thames at thecitycollection.org

Providing you with incredible views of River Thames, Mermaid Conference and Events Centre is a ravishing option for hosting your next corporate event. Flaunting a popular Blackfriars location in the City, the space is ideal for an imaginative and ambitious AGM, product launch gala and the likes. Opt for the River Rooms here and have Thames nonchalantly keep you company during a significant meeting.
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Hotels in London with Meeting Rooms
They are classy, they are chivalrous and they let you hire just a small fraction of their beautiful creation. Welcome to hotels in London offering aesthetical and appropriate meeting spaces. You now have the chance to have the expert staff at the hotel look after the proceedings, while you go ahead and shine at the meeting. When the well-trained staffs manage catering, serving, decorations and the overseeing, you get to focus completely on your game. How wonderful is that? Here some of the best recommendations made by the experts. Select the one most suitable to you!

The City Hotel - Tower Hill

london hotels with meeting rooms hire grange city hotel at thecitycollection.org

Steeped in luxurious vogue,The City Hotel epitomizes London’s royalty and business culture at its best. Choose best space for your meeting from 12 flexible meeting rooms and present your work with full confidence.The sophisticated settings and comfortable furniture will add to the calm environment for your meeting. Enjoy discussing about the future endeavours of your company within the dedicated space. Also, one can opt for a lighter mode of meetings at the outdoor Piazza and work against the historical Roman Wall. It would be good to provide an intimate glance at last remaining section of wall from history and discuss the future at the same time. Isn’t it?
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Charing Cross Hotel – Guoman - Strand, Charing Cross

charing cross hotel private meeting rooms hire at thecitycollection

A place with unique personality and finesse always leaves a great impression on the minds of humans. Charing Cross Hotel- Gouman possesses exquisite interiors and tantalising food with best hotel services. The cool combination of matt and glossy designs in meeting rooms catches attention instantly and allows everyone to concentrate thoroughly on work with any disturbance. Make your guests comfortable and attentive with fresh dose of refreshments at single call.
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Wren Suite - St. Paul’s, City of London

hire meeting rooms in top london hotels at The City Collection

Imagine your meeting in a splendid room with a capacity of 900 guests. Wouldn’t it be great? Wren Suite at The Grange St. Paul’s Hotel offers a cool and calm place to conduct your imperative meetings in London, near the St. Paul’s Cathedral Church. Also, if you are planning for a big corporate meeting or something like AGM, the suite can be adjoined with Shakespeare Suite to welcome around 1,200 guests. Choose your preferred spot for staging with the facility of portable staging and let the event dazzle with great lighting settings.
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Meeting Rooms with a View London
What makes up for a spectacular meeting? The awe-inspiring City’s skyline or the transcendental catharsis in close proximity of St. Paul’s Cathedral? If thrilling surroundings are what you need to add a dash of wonderment and excitement to the meetings, here are the best options for you.

40|30 – The Gherkins

private hire bar venue 40 30 in city of london for meetings

Get inspired and nonchalant for an imperative meeting at 40|30 - The Gherkins. Shining purely with natural light through the glass-fronts embarks the professional feel. Inhale the positivity and let the best of you shine during the meeting. Standing high touching the London Sky, this venue will truly inspire everyone to enhance and grow collectively. Enjoy the 360° London panorama of London from this famous meeting room with a view.
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Tower Bridge and Walkway
- Tower Hill

creative meeting rooms with a view hire tower bridge and walkway at thecitycollection.org

An iconic landmark and most-admired venue for many occasions, Tower Bridge and Walkway makes for an exquisite conference and meeting venue in London. The Victorian Engine Rooms possessing age-old coal-driven engines, maintained with sophistication, offers a conspicuous milieu for corporate events. Also, the stunning view of London from the world renowned tower while balmy breeze welcomes you on top will spark the innovative buzz in everyone. Worth mentioning, there are always cocktails and the famous glass rooftop to lighten up the ambience a little.
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Grand Connaught Rooms - Grand Holborn

hire meeting rooms with a view at thecitycollection.org

Well, when we talk about great, memorable corporate meetings, Grand Connaught Rooms earns a huge rapport for being one of the best venues. Take your next big meeting to this opulent venue and impress your colleagues, associates or board members with impressive presentations. This stylish and royal-look event space possesses 37 rooms to choose from. Enjoy the beautifully carved designs and interiors of the place and dwell in the aura of corporate world with novelty.
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Small Meeting Rooms London
The stakes are high. You are in the big league now. It is going to be just the board and you. Alone and unperturbed. Have you got what it takes to go for the kill? Maybe, maybe not! Are you going to leave a stone unturned? No, right? Hence, carefully analyse the short gathering you intent to address (read: impress) and hire a meeting space that helps you best express! We discuss some of the most popular small meeting rooms in London, and the features that make them so. Select any that would help you conjure up the best effect on the attendees.

The City Penthouse - Tower Hill

small meeting room with a view in london for private hire at thecitycollection.org

A shiny Penthouse is up for grabs for your next meeting. Located quite literally a stone’s throw away from River Thames, the City Penthouse serves delightful panoramas of London’s impactful skyline, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye and the Tower of London. Enjoying an uptown Tower Hill location, the City Penthouse is a part of the 5-star Grange City Hotel. Of course that goes without saying that the venue delivers perfectly on every frontiers. Whether you require assistant staff, technical assistance for the meetings or catering – including the finger snacks and welcome drinks, the City Penthouse shall take care of it all for you! Get in touch with us to have the prices and availability of this intimate meeting space.
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Grocers’ Hall
- Princes Street

small meeting room for private hire in london

Located right across the Bank of England, Grocer’s Hall is a perfect site for hosting an intimate meeting. Carrying the heritage of the 14th century, the hall provides an incredible potpourri of the classic and the contemporary. You may opt for a number of additional services here, including the AV equipments hire and more.
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Asia House - New Cavendish Street

hire asia house london for small meeting and conferences at thecitycollection.org

Here is a dynamic cross cultural venue up for private hire. Asia House has established itself as one amongst the leading centres for cultural exchange. Incepted with an aim to bring Asia closer to the UK, the venue is home to a variety of conferences and events based on the same theme. You can utilise the vivid cultural appeal of this space to organise an intimate meeting, conference or an AGM. Besides, at Thecitycollection.org, we bring you the best quotes on this incredible meeting venue. Get in touch with us to check out the availability and have other logistics sorted out.
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The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace - Godliman Street

rooftop creative and small meeting space for private hire in london

Our final offering in the list couldn’t get anymore ravishing. Here is a City of London venue that seems to have the best of all the features. Serving overwhelmingly dramatic views of the City, the Skyline Suite along with Roof Garden Terrace is a venue of choice for many. If you are on the look out of a venue that allows you to bring in an element of panache and oomph in the meetings, this is perhaps the best choice. Organise an inspiring summit here, and include other highlights like summertime BBQ, drinks reception and more. With comfy seating, well stocked bar and stellar views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the venue is an incredible choice for hosting your next AGM or convention. Hit the enquiry button below, fill in a brief enquiry and have our venue experts manage all the logistics for you. Go ahead, it really is just as simple!
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Creative Meeting Space London
Are most of the venues appearing like a drag? Well, your meeting cannot certainly afford that. Why not try something quirky? What do you prefer? A meeting right above River Thames? Maybe you would like to have 2 Tiki warriors welcome the attendees at the doorstep. Or just hangout at a well-stocked bar for discussing the future of humankind and the rest of the world! How about #GameofThrones like effects to it? Without any killing though,we hope! Well, we bring you all of this, and then some more here! Because you see, at Thecitycollection.org, you are never really out of options!

Tower of London - H.M. Tower of London

creative meeting rooms in london hire at the city collection

Let us start with a Game of Thrones inspired event now, shall we? Why not host such an innovative meeting at the Tower of London. You see, for something as dramatic as HBO’s Game of Thrones, you require a venue as impactful as the Tower of London. Along with being available for private hire, the venue has incredible features for glam up any dull event – yes, including the AGM. You’d particularly like the medieval charms of the Medieval Palace (no surprises,) which is ideal to host a number of events. You can plan a summit of as many as 2000 guests here. Hence, get in touch with us now to receive important details for hiring this space.
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Kanaloa - High Holborn

creative meeting space in london with bar for hire in london at thecitycollection.org

And now have the Tiki warriors welcome you at the entry – quite groovy that would be, right? Opt for the Kanaloa club and organise a summit with a Hawaiian backdrop! The well-stocked bar at the venue would definitely inspire the zeal in discussing a multitude of agendas. And if that’s not all, you may break into an impromptu jive at the dance floor. Some invigorating hip-smashing and pelvic-thrusting would surely keep everyone awake, alike and enthusiastic for the set format of the conference. If you find yourself requiring more information, such as cost of meeting room hire and availability, simply shoot us an enquiry.
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The Cartoon Museum - Little Russell Street London

cartoon museum is creative meeting room in central london

Lastly, we present you our trump card in the category of creative meeting spaces to hire in London. Here is a venue whose walls trace back the history of political and social satires via cartoons. Besides, organise an AGM and spend time in the company of Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan and the likes. And more than anything else, the individualistic character of the venue has casual comforts written all over it. You can easily plan a conference for up to 200 guests here, and offer them an experience truly bespoke. Get in touch with our venue experts and have this creative meeting space ready and booked for you now!
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Unusual Meeting Venues London
Our collection of the quirky events spaces and meeting rooms just doesn’t end here. You see, we love the quirky too much to just let it go like that. Hence, we bring you another collection of London’s most unusual and unique spaces as meeting venues for private hire. Quaint English Gardens naturally blooming in the Bloomsbury area, or the ancient breweries, find the most whimsical and fantastic options here!

The Conservatory and the Gardens – Montague Street

unusual meeting rooms in london available at thecitycollection.org

Located in the quiet Bloomsbury area of Central London, the Conservatory and the Gardens is an exceptional venue for planning a meeting. While the lush green outside spaces make up for an inspiring event, one can also include other elements for amusement and activities. There is also an events management staffs, willing to help you with all the arrangements. Located close to the Holborn Tube Station, the venue is simply perfect for hosting an unusual meeting at a quaint British townhouse and quintessential English Gardens. Shoot us an enquiry now and have the venue up for grabs!
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Brunel Museum - Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe

How about a museum for a conference? A museum that is already popular with the local crowds is sure to make your AGM or conference the talk of town. Offering something quirky and unusual, Brunel Museum has the entire options for a perfect meeting in place. Whether you are looking for outside seating, a dance floor or perhaps high-tech AV facilities, you can easily find it all here. Besides, we provide you with the best prices on private venue hire. Brief us more about your requirements and we shall provide you with the most suitable options.
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HMS Belfast – London Bridge

unusual creative meeting space in london at The City Collection

Organise your summit on-board HMS Belfast! A meeting on a boat? Sounds unusual, right? Well, guess that’s what we are here to offer! Treat your guests to the delightful panoramas of the cityscape combined with the magical vistas of River Thames! By opting for HMS Belfast, you can either keep your AGM or conference indoors or al fresco. We just happen to be a fan of all that is al fresco, especially during the balmy London summers. You may go ahead and choose from a range of meetings rooms with individual characters. Along with 3 decks and engine room, there is enough room for all here! Now you know the drill, right? Shoot us an enquiry now and our venue experts would personally assist you with arranging a visit to hiring and more!
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