Hire Clubs in London for the Ultimate Disco Night

Nothing turns out to be more fun than a disco night, isn’t it? The rotating disco balls, illuminated dance floor, lighting effects, hip resident DJs playing the best to keep the crowd rocking on the dance floor, there’s no better way to whoop it up than planning a disco night. And luckily, there are plenty of disco clubs in London for hire. But some have really surpassed the others when it comes to excellent atmosphere and service. And to paint the town red with friends, you don’t really need to party with 5000 people in Koko or Fabric. There are a few small venues in London that offer a rock and roll experience like never before.

Groovy Wonderland
Yes, the groovier of all, Groovy Wonderland is surely one of the top venues offering an ultimate disco experience. It’s a 70s and 80s themed disco land where you’ll see costumed staff skating around on the flashy dance floor. Colourful illuminated setting complete with disco balls, fabulous drinks to indulge your taste buds, and retro sweets, what else does a rock and roller need? And oh did we mention that there’ll be resident DJs playing the best disco tunes. So, just brush up on your disco moves as the best party experience awaits you. Besides, event managers and security ensures that you can boogie on the dance floor without any worries.
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Club Ten
Party like a rock star here in the flashy and glittery setting of Club Ten, a five star club venue in a five star hotel. The club promises all that a party animal wants, an illuminated dance floor to bop the night away, enticing cocktails to complement the experience, and leather booths to rest in between if you’re tired. The venue has gained a unique reputation for hosting high-end celebrations and private parties. The creative lighting effects help create the perfect party mood as it fills the aura with vibrancy and colour. And the canapés and sushi are something to feast on. The location of the venue is also wow-worthy with St Paul’s Cathedral just a few steps away.
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Another hidden gem located in Chelsea, Dukebox is a carnival inspired venue complete with some dramatic touches like carousel horses, a giant duck-on-a-spring, and many surprising elements for your guests. Along with having a unique disco party, you’ll definitely step back in time and feel like kids again. Is there anything better than a carnival? Of course, not! So why not relive those fun moments again. Fun and nostalgic decorations, VIP lounge area, private booths, and a trendy vibe, Dukebox is a package. A guaranteed fun night of enticing boozers on the tap, eclectic music, and of course, some wonderful photo opportunities await you.
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London is without a doubt a heaven for partiers. And these clubs for disco nights are some wonderful additions to the London party scene. If you have a special occasion on the calendar, make sure to celebrate it at one of these.

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