Hen Night Games to Get the Party Going

Hen Party in London

Vegas is not the only place for your last night of freedom with the gals. We can give you 2014 reasons to plan your hen do in London. Though, wherever you plan your hen night, games will add that fun quotient to your party. It’s not the lavish decoration that the bride will cherish, it’s the special moments she has had that will always remain with her like eternal memories. Therefore, being the best friend and the hen party planner, you should make every possible effort to make it special. And games will certainly help you to do that. We have handpicked our favourites and if we miss any, don’t forget to share yours in the comments below.

Naughty Pass the Parcel

Do you remember playing Pass the Parcel as a kid? Ours is an adult version of the same. Why not spice it up with naughty prizes and challenges. Fun lollies, massage oils, and ticklers can be used for fun gifts and prizes. And a naughty task like “kiss a stranger” will certainly take things up a notch. All you need is music, a few prizes, and tasks.

Do You Know Your Groom?

This is the best time to test how well the bride knows the groom. Make a list of questions about the groom for her to answer. This is the perfect game for the sophisticated bride who doesn’t prefer the feather boas and strippers. Tell each hen to ask one question and see what the bride answers.

Dress the Bride

Perfect for fashion freaks, it’s impossible to imagine a hen do without some dressing up. Split the hens in groups and hand out each team items such as bows, glitter, tin foil, cello tape, toilet paper, and let them go wild. See who comes out to be the most creative fashion designer (and the most funny too). Give them five minutes to dress up as a bride and see how they end up looking.


It’s not a game but a perfect party idea. If you think there is a pop star hiding underneath the bride-to-be, it’s the perfect time to uncover it. There are plenty of Karaoke bars in London but if you don’t prefer to sing it out loud in front of strangers, we have a list of private karaoke venues in London as well. So just get ready to grab the microphone and sing your heart out. You can even check out our hen party packages in London.

Been there, Done That

This one is truly an ice-breaker. Ask each of the hen to write a funny or embarrassing story about her experience with men and dating. And ask the bride to read each story aloud and also find out who has written it. It will inspire funny discussions and relieve the bride-to-be of pre-wedding woes too. This is the best way to offer the bride a giggle through your hilarious encounters and experiences.

Truth and Dare

This one is no brainer but you can always spice it up if you have planned things ahead of time. Be as creative as you can. Invent creative dares like kissing a bald man on the head or stand on the chair and belt out the "I’m a Little Teapot" song. Want something naughtier? Ask the bride to give a stranger a lap dance. And for truths, let your imagination take its course.

Male Model

Split the group in teams and give them a ball of play dough. Blindfold them and ask them to form male body parts with the dough. Give extra point to the one whose models turn out to be realistic (although chances are that the consequences would be hilarious.

Pin the Model on the Male

We have all played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The player is given a tail and he has to pin it in the right spot while blindfolded. For hen do, you can try the same game but a Man will replace the Donkey and substitute the tail with...well, you can use your imagination.

These tried and tested games will definitely help break the ice and get everyone in the party mood. If you think we have missed your favourite, please share in the comments below.

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